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General Tips For Visiting Melbourne

Posted by on Aug 23, 2017 in Travel Australia | 0 comments

Australia is pretty high on a lot of people’s tourism bucket lists, and with great reason. It’s a spectacular country/continent, truly unlike any other place in the world. The wilderness is unique, the beaches are on par with the best on the planet, and the few big cities are packed with interesting attractions. In this post we’re going to narrow our focus to one of the bigger cities down under: Melbourne. Melbourne has actually been covered on this site before, specifically with regard to some striking tourist spots to see. We’ll reiterate that the four sights mentioned there are well worth your time if you happen to make it...

5 Breath-taking Hikes to Put on Your Bucket List

Posted by on Aug 22, 2017 in Extreme Travel, Travel Europe, Travel Iceland, Travel Italy, Travel Scotland, Travel Sweden, Travel Switzerland | 0 comments

Image from Hiking is not only a powerful cardio workout but also a chance to reconnect with nature and decompress. Europe is home to some spectacular hiking trails. Forget hiking in Africa or the USA, Europe is perfect for beautiful, well guided hiking routes with amazing views. Here are five routes you should check out for a great hike in Europe. West Highland Way – Scotland The Scottish Highlands are the perfect place in the UK for outdoor activities and have some great hiking trails for avid walkers. The West Highland Way follows ancient trails and rocky paths spanning 96 miles ending at the tallest mountain in the...

Inside Orlando: Where to Stay

Posted by on Aug 7, 2017 in Travel USA | 0 comments

Orlando has an amazing array of attractions, most obviously Universal Studios Florida – and that’s before we even consider how nearby the Walt Disney World Resort is. The broad variety of exciting things to do in Orlando makes a lengthy stay there appealing. However, if you are indeed intent on staying in Orlando for a series of nights, you have many options to narrow down when it comes to choosing accommodation. There are plenty of great options in the area, and which of them you should plump for can depend on your own interests. Below are some of our own favourite accommodation spots and what exactly makes them especially...

Day Trips to Take From Perth

Posted by on Jul 30, 2017 in Travel Australia, Travel Australia and New Zealand, Travel Destinations | 0 comments

Perth is a great Australian city to visit, and holds a lot of entertainment and culture for you to enjoy. As with any part of Australia, however, the sprawling nature of the local attractions may mean that you decide to go on multiple day trips to take advantage of all of them. Here are the top day trips you could choose if you are staying in Perth. Rottnest Island Although the name doesn’t sound too appealing, this island is a weekend getaway hotspot for many. If you enjoy relaxing on sun-drenched beaches, exploring historical attractions, or watching the native wildlife, then Rottnest will tick all of the boxes for...

6 Tips to Maximize Your Summer Vacation

Posted by on Jun 27, 2017 in Money and Travel, Travel Resources, Travel Tips |

Whether you’re traveling to another country or just staying close to home, you want to do whatever possible to maximize your experience. We composed a list of six tips to help you get the most of your summer vacation. Read below for our helpful summer tips and tricks to maximize your summer experience. Budget At the beginning of summer, set a goal amount. Estimate it by calculating the cost of all your must-do summer activities (e.g. concerts, water parks, movie releases, and festivals) and any random spur of the moment expenses, include food, clothing, and last minute trips. Ask your bank to open up a savings account specifically for...

Three European Cities that Should be on Your Bucket List

Posted by on Jun 26, 2017 in Travel Destinations, Travel Europe, Travel Italy, Travel Poland, Travel Spain |

From snow-capped mountains for avid skiers, to sleepy little villages in the countryside that make the perfect romantic getaway, Europe is home to some of the most beautiful, vibrant cities in the world, but it can be difficult to pick just one for your next vacation. We’ve highlighted the top three that should be first on your bucket list – we hope you agree! Valencia Often overshadowed by Madrid and Barcelona, Valencia is one of the most diverse cities you’ll ever come across – it truly has something for everyone. For sun-worshipers, there’s miles and miles of golden sandy beaches, as well as plenty of local parks such as...