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5 Best Dominican Republican Beaches

Posted by on Dec 29, 2016 in Travel Caribbean, Travel Central America, Travel Destinations | 0 comments

Thinking about taking a trip to the Dominican Republic? If so, you’re in great company as this island vacation spot is one of the top Caribbean islands to visit with a plethora of visitors and travelers blanketing the island each and every year. Noted as most popular during the winter months, the Dominican Republic serves as a popular destination for those who are seeking to escape the cold and instead relax on a tropical white sand beach with a cold drink in hand. Speaking of beaches, there are lots of great ones to choose from, some with a Dominican Republic resort backing right onto it, making for a very...

Travel Unique China – Some of the Best Small Towns

Posted by on Dec 27, 2016 in Travel Asia, Travel China | 0 comments

China is a country that possesses one the incredible traits that never ceases to impress its visitors. It is not only the world’s third biggest country, but it also has a history spanning over thousands of years which in turn gives rise to the most wonderfully natural and man-made sights known to man today. When it comes to culture and lifestyle, you can also witness a tremendous diversity from the more civilized and cosmopolitan east coast to the rural West and its many ethnic tribes. Together with the extremely different climates of the north and south, China certainly has a lot to offer its visitors. Keep in mind that...

7 Tips for Travelling Cheap Internationally

Posted by on Nov 16, 2016 in Budget Travel, Travel Style | 0 comments

International travel can be expensive. On top of your flights and transfers, you have to find a reasonably-priced hotel, and then factor in living costs, like buying food and excursions. Costs can quickly mount up, which leaves you with less money to spend than you originally thought. This can be particularly challenging for companies who are sending their employees abroad because they could be faced with an inflated expenses bill when their employees return. In a time where budgets are being stretched to the limit, it’s important to be as frugal with your travel as possible. If you’d like to find out how to cut the cost of international...

What to do in the Grand Region of Tuscany

Posted by on Nov 15, 2016 in Travel Destinations, Travel Europe, Travel Italy | 0 comments

Travelling to Tuscany should be on anyone’s bucket list. If you’ve had the chance to visit the iconic and beautiful location in Italy’s north western coast, then you’ll understand what a magical place it is to live in. If you’re planning to travel to Tuscany any time soon, then here are few things to see and do along with places to stay, that will surely make your trip a memorable and unforgettable experience. History:  Understanding the history behind any place you visit in the world, enhances your experience worth it even more. Tuscany is primarily known for its culture, stunning scenery and artistic legacy. If you didn’t know already...

5 Amazing Outdoor Experiences in Dubai

Posted by on Nov 14, 2016 in Travel Destinations, Travel Dubai, Travel Middle East | 0 comments

The Middle East is a beautiful location, with its white sandy beaches of the Persian Gulf and laying right in the middle of the Arabian desert, there are many activities that can be enjoyed here. From boating excursions to desert safaris, Dubai offers a wide range of outdoor activities. Cruising We begin with the dhow cruise dubai. This cruise offers a dinner cruise along the Dubai Creek or the marina. This creek tour shows off the beautiful lights on the architecturally fascinating buildings. The marina offers the view of the lovely boats. Dinner is included with the cost of the tickets. Drinks are extra. A Tanoura dance performance is...

Why You Should Experience a Helicopter Ride When Visiting London:

Posted by on Nov 10, 2016 in Travel Destinations, Travel England, Travel Europe | 0 comments

Ever wanted to do something completely different when visiting the UK? Just browse the internet for helicopter rides London and you will find a huge range of companies offering this service at very reasonable prices . Imagine the feeling of suddenly being suspended in mid air and then propelled across the skies of London taking in all of the major sights that you’ve only ever understood from the ground. It’s difficult to visualize moving across London streets and avoiding all of those crazy traffic jams as if in a dream. London bridges look totally different from the air and considering that you are not speeding across the skies as...