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Posted by on Sep 12, 2017 in Travel Destinations, Travel Europe, Travel Italy |

10 Reasons You Need to Put Italy on Your Bucket List

10 Reasons You Need to Put Italy on Your Bucket List

Nothing could be better than enjoying a day in Italy, surrounded by your friend, sipping a glass of wine or savoring the local pizza and eating a gelato. Italy offers a lifetime experience, and once you have been to Italy, you keep going back for more. When you explore Italy, you get to know its Renaissance art and explore the Roman ruins. After all, the land is filled with art, history, architecture and there is a lot more to it than just that. Italy is famous for its cultural beauty, rustic traditions and of course, the food. A vacation in Italy is like having an incredible feast, right from the peaks of the Dolomites to the tip of Sicily. Just book your rentals in Italy ahead in time to get the best deals on your accommodation.

Here are some good reason as to why place Italy on your bucket list.

  1. For its delicious cuisine
    The food is simple and deliciously fresh. You can feel the natural fragrance of deep green zucchinis, rosy tomatoes and wild mushrooms saturating in their air. The truly robust flavors of Italian foods are made of fresh and perfect ingredients. You can dine at the most exquisite restaurants or enjoy street food when you go sightseeing in the local villages. You will find an amazing assortment of handmade pasta, an astonishing variety of pizza and fresh seafood served with savory sauces.
  2. For its cheese and wine
    Cheese is just everywhere in Italy, no matter where you go. There is a huge variety of regional specialties, and you will find one that is perfect for your tastes. It could be gooey, sharp, blue, or cured. The Emilia-Romagna region is certainly the heartland of Italian cheese. Chianti, Amarone, Moscato, and Prosecco boast of a rich and diverse wine heritage. Italy is famous for its wide diversity of grape varieties and wine styles. Italy’s finest and most expensive wines include Super Tuscan Sassicaia from Bolgheri.
  3. For its legendary cities and picturesque villages
    It is only here in Italy theta you will come across famous cities like Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice and Verona, and all located very closely. With a superb train and road network, traveling to those cities is easy and it is fun exploring them. Tally is not just about historic cities, but is dotted with pretty and picturesque villages that fill its countryside. Some popular villages are Castelmezzano in Basilicata or the Cinque Terre. It would be a mistake to not to make a trip to those colorful cliff-side towns and stunning mountaintop hamlets. What you get to experience is a pure scenic glory.
  4. For its fairytale lakes and glorious beaches
    Italy is filled with gorgeous lakes around quaint villages and gorgeous steeples along the mountains and foothills of northern Italy. Lake Como that is located near the Swiss border works like a magnet for international celebrities and is a big favorite among locals.Some of the excellent beaches in Europe are to be found in Italy. It is hard to resist those soft sands and turquoise waters. Archipelago., Sardinia’s Maddalena or Costa Smeralda are among the popular beaches here. Mediterranean island nearby has remained the leading European beach spot for many years now.
  5. For its Roman ruins and Greek temples
    Italy goes hand in hand with architecture and ancient ruins. Roman Forum, the epicenter of ancient Rome is a must visit because of those stunning arches, temples and government buildings, that remind one of the incredible grandeur of Italy’s past, about  2000 years ago.  If you want to know where the most spectacular Greek do temples in the world are located, well, they are to be found here in Italy. ! Sicily boasts an impressive selection of Greek ruins and the city of Paestum in the region of Campania carries the best of those ruins.
  6. For its snowy mountains and desert islands
    Italy landscape is made of sloping farmlands and warm beaches, and you will find the Dolomites a snowy range in the Southern Alps towards the northern region of Trentino. Those mountains are like a magnet for hikers, rock-climbers, skiers and mountain bikers. There are desert islands such as Lampione, and Linosa that are located between Sicily and Tunisia. You will fall in love with the serene atmosphere of the nature reserves and fishing villages. The beaches are simply gorgeous.
  7. For its incredible pasta
    If you want to make the real and original pasta, you can certainly do that here in Italy. Culinary Institute of Bologna is the place where you can learn the skill and make your own pasta by hand. Enjoy it with a glass of local wine.
  8. For the perfumes of Capri
    The little island of Capri is not just known for its towering rock formations, and Roman palace remains, but it is also home to fragrance house that was set up way back in 1948. Carthusia, the monastery on the island makes use of local Mediterranean flowers herbs to create a stunning variety of scents.
  9. For its world famous Amalfi Coast
    The Amalfi Coast is looked upon as the most beautiful in the world and boasts of pricey resorts. Just hike along the seaside paths to explore the real side of the Amalfi Coast and enjoy making trips from village to village.
  10. For the romantic Venice
    Venice is a major tourist attraction with its gondolas and stunning basilicas that take you across the channel based city. The gorgeous and captivating city can keep you busy and entertained for hours.

If you love great food, enjoy shopping and exploring historical monuments and architecture, then head straight for Italy. It is indeed a fantastic destination in its own right and a must to put on your bucket list.

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