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3 Broadway Plays that Deals with Life’s Problems

3 Broadway Plays that Deals with Life’s Problems

Broadway plays have a way of speaking to life’s problems in relatable and entertaining manners. The audience can usually find common ground with even the most over-the-top stories. Experiencing these stories via live theater adds to the enjoyment. That’s the magic of live theater. There are many Broadway plays that deal with life’s problems. Here are three current plays that will inspire, entertain, make you think, and get you singing along by the final curtain.

“Kinky Boots”

Kinky Boots” is a story that you might not imagine loving when you first hear the plot. It is the story of a failing British shoe manufacturer who, in a last-ditch effort to save his family business, starts to manufacture strong “kinky boots” for drag queens. It is the story of unlikely friendships, as the conservative shoe manufacturer Charlie forms a working relationship and friendship with Lola the drag queen. On the surface, the two have nothing in common, but the boots bring them together. They eventually come to respect each other for who they are.

This is a touching story about accepting and respecting people, not despite their differences, but because of them. The music of “Kinky Boots” was written by the incomparable Cindi Lauper. It is a raucous, sassy, and fast-paced romp that has some memorable music and dance scenes. The adult subject matter probably means that you don’t want to bring your young children, but the show is in no way raunchy or inappropriate. It is probably comparable to a PG-13 film.


Waitress,” based on the 2007 film of the same name, is a romantic comedy with many serious themes. The play’s protagonist is caught in a loveless marriage to a drunkard, made all the more complicated when she finds out she is pregnant. When she falls in love with her doctor, things become even more complicated. The small-town waitress who has her own life problems ultimately gains redemption through the eventual birth of her daughter and an unlikely pie-eating contest. The ending will actually surprise you!

“School of Rock”

School of Rock,” which also based on a film, is a comedy that deals with many common problems. Most audience members will be able to relate to the struggles and feelings of failure of the lead character, Dewey. You will also find kindred spirits in the schoolchildren, many of whom are outcasts or nerds in a conservative private school. However, they end up finding inspiration and redemption through music.

The touching relationships that Dewey forms with his students make this play much more than just a comedy. It is heartfelt and touching as well as hysterical. “School of Rock” is the one play on this list that will appeal to all ages. It is loud and raucous, but it is also grounded in the basic relationships that the pupils form with their teacher, music, and each other.

These are three amazing Broadway plays that deal with some of life’s problems. They are relatable and heartfelt, but still fun and entertaining.

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