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Posted by on Aug 28, 2014 in Expats, Only The Best, Travel Resources, Travel Style, Travel Tips, World Travel |

4 “Gotta-Have” Travel Devices

4 “Gotta-Have” Travel Devices

Traveling in this era is a lot easier when you compare it to back in the days when internet and devices were not invented yet. Our ancestors used to rely on the universe, laws of nature and the good old maps to help them move around. Whether you are traveling for pleasure, business or both, there are plenty of travel devices in the market which can help you to adjust yourself to the new environment. We have gather 4 “gotta-have” travel devices just for you.

Franklin 12-Language Global Translator

No one speaks English? No problem. You need to tell the taxi driver in Korean that you want to go to Mount Sorak? No problem at all! With 12,000 programmed phrases and the opportunity to piece together some of the words from a total of 450,000 to create a new sentence, the Franklin Electronic 12-language global translator can be your best friend during your trip abroad. Even though we don’t recommend having the device to translate your words during an emergency, we still think this is a “must-have” gadget for those who travel often. For those with huge fingers, this device is probably going to cause you a little bit of headache with its tiny keyboard though.(Image by jessib2)

Mosaic Globe - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Language Global Translator Gotta-Have Travel Devices

React Sidekick

We’ve discussed about how Franklin Electronic global translator might not be able to help you that much especially during an emergency. However, we have another great travel device which you can carry around with you just in case you’re worried about your own safety. React Sidekick is a Bluetooth device with low energy and a new way of letting people, especially travelers, to call for help in an emergency. Just by pressing the Sidekick Button, the device will be able to send out emergency alert emails and text messages to a wide network of your trusted contacts. Your family members and friends will be able to get the panic alert from wherever you are and they will know when you need a help.

EatSmart Precision Voyager

Every traveler knows just how important a luggage scale is when it comes to traveling. They always say that when you’re heading to a destination, you always have more space in there but when you’re coming back, you will be tempted to buy another backpack just to throw in all of those additional items and a few gifts. To make sure that you won’t bump the weight limits of your luggage, we suggest getting luggage scales which are mostly compact and lightweight. Do not risk yourself falling within the guidelines of an airline. It can make the whole trip a nightmare!(Image by Flickfross)

Mosaic Globe - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - EatSmart Precision Voyager Gotta-Have Travel Devices

Kensington AbsolutePower

When traveling long haul, one thing that many people forget is “power”. No, we’re not talking about a superhuman’s power. We’re talking about the power energy for your USB-powered devices such as your laptops or iPhone. Kensington AbsolutePower will be able to charge your devices with up to 100 watts of power. The good aspect about having this power accessory is that it is both light and small to be carried around. No more worries for the warning for low of battery. You can do your work at airport with your laptop anytime you want. All you need is power!

To ensure that your trip is both satisfying and pleasuring, a few essential devices should be taken into consideration. It won’t hurt you purchasing for a new device which will help you to be productive, entertained, organized and stay connected.


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