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Posted by on Dec 5, 2015 in Accommodations, Travel Destinations, Travel Europe, Travel Resources, Travel Spain |

4 Luxurious Places to Visit in Holiday to Madrid

4 Luxurious Places to Visit in Holiday to Madrid

Whatever your holiday expectations are, they will be met in Spain. For family holiday’s, business trips, international conferences or just a simple weekend break, Spain is worth considering. With perfect beaches, rich and diverse cultures, climate a geography, this is the ultimate holiday destination.

Authentic Spain has a lot to offer to you. From The Costas, Spain’s magical and legendary coastline, the stylish cities spanning many centuries and eras, The Balearics and The Canary Islands amongst many other delights. And Spain has year round sunshine making it a great delight.

However, you have not visited Spain if Madrid is not one of your destinations for your family holiday. It is a must to visit this great ad awesome city. You will be spoilt for choice as on where to stay in magical Madrid. The following are the four most luxurious hotels to stay in while you visit and sample this city.

1. Hotel Hesperia Madrid

Among several great hotels in Madrid, Hotel Hesperia is the premier hotel for your accommodation. Madrid is forever dynamic, chic and cosmopolitan, historical, amazing and captivate with a life of its own. Connect with and embrace Madrid from Hotel Hesperia which is conveniently located right in the middle of Madrid’s business center, Spain’s dynamic culture, and exclusive international brands shops. With a wide range of room to choose from, international cuisine and fully stocked bar and lounges, this is the hotel you need to stay in during your stay in Madrid. Catering for individual or families with tailor made services, Hotel Hesperia truly leaves up to its motto of exquisite pleasure, endless delights to discover. Their Spa is a must visit and all resident guests enjoy a great discount. Hotel Hesperia allows you to make online bookings and arrange for any activities you would wish to be involved in during your stay.

2. Hotel Urso

This Hotel is located between Camberi and Chueca. Offering a wide range of cuisine delights and a fully fledged bar, this is a place you would love to visit and stay. Caters for a wide range of guests with different room classification, Hotel Urso is a great out of town accommodation. Urso however does not accept guests below 18 years old.

3. Me Madrid

Located right in the town centre, ME Madrid offers free packing for all its guests. A wide range of international cuisine and bar, this is hotel ideal for a town visit. Offering a VIP entrance on the roof top, ME Madrid cuts itself out as a top end hotel. This is a pet friendly hotel. This hotel caters for the whole family.


4. Villa Magna

Located on high end Salamanca, Villa Magna is truly a delight to visit. It caters for the whole family and offers a great holiday experience albeit on the more expensive side. Great shopping choices to to chose from. Villa Magna is a hotel worth considering for your upcoming holiday.

Madrid is a destination for international guests and we recommend that you make your bookings early. Most hotels allow and even facilitate online booking and accept all major credit cards. There are many activities to choose from during your holiday in Madrid. Make your bookings early and confirm whether children are allowed if you are traveling with your family and what activities are available for them.
Enjoy magical Madrid.

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Images credit (under CCL) by order:  Jose Maria CuellarFelipe Gabaldón


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