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Posted by on Aug 16, 2013 in Family Travel, Travel Destinations, Travel Mexico, Travel North America, Travel Style |

5 Awesome Attractions in Ixtapa Mexico

5 Awesome Attractions in Ixtapa Mexico

Going to Mexico on a great vacation? Ixtapa might the place for you.

Ixtapa is a natural paradise which was distinctly selected by the Mexican government to be a tourist haven. The name Ixtapa means “The White Place” and is evidenced by the elegant and pristine white sandy beaches. It has over five thousand hotel rooms and villas available to visitors. Moreover, tourists can enjoy numerous activities like horse-back riding, beach volleyball, parachuting, snorkeling, surfing and scuba diving. Some of the great tourist attractions include:
Playa el Palmar
This is Ixtapa’s main beach, a beautifully maintained long cresent with soft brown sand and measures 2 miles long. It is one of the best places to sunbath and watch lovely sunset. Tourists can enjoy water sports like swimming, scuba diving and parachute rides. Tourists are advised when swimming to be wary of the large waves that crush straight down but are conducive for surfers.

This is an exciting marine park with various activities especially interacting with dolphins, petting, receiving docile kisses from these lovely animals and taking fast-paced rides while clinging on their dorsal fins. There are programs for adults and children as young as three years. Visit can get accommodated at the nearby Posada Real hotel.
Ixtapa Island (Isla Ixtapa)
This is a popular tourist attraction in Ixtapa- Ziuatanejo which is accessible by water taxi only. There are numerous restaurants that serve delicious snacks, seafood and cold drinks. There are many things to do for tourists such as swimming, snorkeling or just relaxing on the beach. Moreover, Posada Real Ixtapa has a complete tour package which includes accommodation, transport and an English speaking tour guide.

Xihuacan Museum and Archeological Site
The museum is very small, cozy, clean and located in an awesome setting. It reflects the great heritage and culture and it contains beautiful artifacts that have been unearthed in the nearby archeological site called La Chole. The artifacts showcases the pre- Hispanic history especially that of the indigenous people, the Indians who lived in the Guerrero region. There are helpful guides who will take around the museum show you the pyramids, the reconstructed ball court, holy temples and the small town where many artifacts have been found. Archeologists claim that the place is unique since it acted as a multicultural ceremonial centre since artifacts of Olmecs, Tarascans and Mixtecas can also be found.

Booking into a great all inclusive resort and enjoying horseback riding on the Beach
There are endless resorts to die for in Ixtapa, Mexico and you can easily find one that meets your budget and your taste.  Some resorts offer great services and amenities such as world class marina, condominium resorts, European spas and conference centres. Some resorts offer all inclusive booking option and some will even offer you cool activities such as horse riding including menu and drink choices. Tourists can enjoy a personalized horseback rides along the beach with one to three additional riders to explore the breath taking views of the ocean. Each ride is customized to ensure the safety of the both the rider and the horse.
Surely, Ixtapa has numerous attractive destinations and activities to engage in. Tourist should book well in advance before visiting Ixtapa since many hotel rooms are often reserved by visitors.



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