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Posted by on Oct 29, 2013 in Backpacking, Diving Holidays, Outdoor Nature Travel, Travel Asia, Travel Destinations, Travel Philippines, Travel Style | 2 comments

5 Good Enough Reasons to Hit The Philippines

5 Good Enough Reasons to Hit The Philippines

The Philippines is among some of the renowned must-visit destinations in the world that are worth visiting when planning a holiday. It doesn’t only boasts of being an archipelago, but it is also famed for its spectacular must-see attraction sites, myriads of activities to do and adventures to explore. The nation is home to a rich environment characterized by lush forests, white sand beaches, tropical environment, giant rivers, and lakes. Whereas there are equally other places you can visit during your holiday, here are 5 reasons to plan a holiday to the Philippines.

Meet some of the world’s most amazing and friendly people

The Filipinos are not only the most amazing and friendly people in Asia, but they are also some of the world’s most friendly and kind people. There are extremely respectful and welcoming. It shouldn’t come to you as a surprise if you are invited to have a meal at one of the locals’ home. They are never tired of treating visitors to unmatched warm generosity. They get along well with visitors, regardless of their race, ethnicity and religion.

Thousands of islands to choose from

By the virtue of being an archipelago, the Philippines boasts of housing over 7 thousands islands. Visiting some of these islands is truly rewarding, thanks to the fact you will be treated to some unique and untouched spots. Due to their friendly atmosphere, these islands offer a tropical climate and temperatures suitable for vacation enthusiasts to enjoy themselves any time they wish, irrespective of whether it is during winter or summer.

Home to some of the world’s top diving sites

The Philippines is known for being home to some of the world’s top diving sites. Its crystal clear waters, diverse marine life and natural harbors make scuba diving and snorkeling some of the most popular water activities. Here are, for example, some of the top diving sites in the Philippines.

Cabilao Island
Due to its wonderful reefs and natural harbors, Cabilao Island has become irresistible to diving lovers particularly the scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. It houses three elegant resorts that cater to divers who visit this island in search of diverse marine life, undisturbed reefs and a peaceful atmosphere.

Balicasag Island
The island boasts of housing some of the top diving locations not only in the Philippines, but in the entire Asia. It is known for its vast white sand beaches, enormous marine sanctuaries and elegant 5 star hotels. Snorkeling, scuba diving and speed-boat racing are among the most common water activities on this island.

Malapascua Island
The island is known for its excellent dive spots, exceptionally beautiful coral gardens and white sand beaches. It is one of the few places on the world where divers can see a thresher shark.

Meets your budget if you travel on little or on much

Whether you are traveling a little or too much whilst in the Philippines, traveling is an experience in variety and in bargain. There are a variety of means of transport that will meet your budget in the best way possible. You can choose to visit some of the scenic islands aboard a yacht, or you can opt to visit the country’s interiors using a bus at a cost tailored at meeting your budget.

A country with endless beaches and sun

A beach-oriented vacation in the Philippines ideally suits you perfectly, thanks to the fact that the country is famed for its endless beaches and sun. Some of the top beaches include Boracay, Pagudpud, El Nido and Siargo to name but a few of the many beaches. You can enjoy all year-round sunshine and warm crystal blue waters of the Pacific Ocean whilst relaxing in these beaches.

The list of reasons as to why you should hit the Philippines is endless. That is why it is termed as a destination of its own kind. If you are confused on what destination to visit during the upcoming holiday, it is advisable you prioritize visiting the Philippines over other destinations and you will never regret for making such a wise decision.

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Images by Just One Way Ticket


  1. I have been there several times. I can add, good street food, great historical sites, laid back island living and too many more to mention.

  2. I’m heading there for the New Year break! I can’t wait to relax on a beach while it’s iced over back in Seoul…


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