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Posted by on Aug 17, 2013 in Travel and Health, Travel Insurance, Travel Resources, Travel Tips | 1 comment

5 Tips of How to Choose the Best Travel Insurance

5 Tips of How to Choose the Best Travel Insurance

Mosaic Globe Travel the world RTW- Family Travel with kids Best Travel Insurance
One of the most complex and confusing aspects of trip planning is travel insurance. It is an insurance that is planned to cover losses suffered while traveling. Travel insurance coverage is important to cover you as you never know the danger ahead, and the majority of the health plans overseas will not cover you. There is the temporary travel insurance plan that can be organized at the time of booking a trip to cover the exact period of that trip. On the other hand, there is the multi-trip plan that can cover unrestricted number of trips in a set of time frame. The coverage differs, and it can be bought to include higher risk items.Since the available policies could be confusing and overwhelming, you need to be well equipped to choose the best travel insurance for you and your family. Here are some suggestions for you:Read Through the Entire Policy Booklet Carefully before you Sign Up.

It is imperative for you to understand all the terms and conditions of the travel insurance policy prior to signing up for the fact that these policies are disreputable for their loopholes and endless exclusions. Make sure you read the entire insurance policy booklet very carefully for you to know what you are qualified and what you are not to avert problem when it comes to making a claim on the policy.

Buy Your Policy Online from the Insurance Company

There are dangers in buying travel insurance for you and your family from travel agents and airlines. You will have to pay through your nose as they get staggering large commissions from insurance companies for selling policies for them. However, if you buy online direct from the insurer, you will pay less.

Mosaic Globe Travel the world RTW- Family Travel with kids Good Insurance Companies
Good Insurance Companies

Pay Adequate Attention to Government Warnings

When it comes to the issue of getting the best travel insurance, you need to yield to government regulations to avoid the dangers involved. Failure to adhere to government warnings can cause serious problems. The most loved trick employed by travel insurers to avoid paying claims is to exclude coverage for those countries that the Australian government has issued a travel warning. If you ignore this warning and something unusual occur, the insurance company will turn their back at you and deny you of any claim.

Check the exclusions

Travel insurance is a game of risk just like all insurance where insurers base the price of their policies on how likely things are to occur. Therefore, they exclude things that are more likely to happen in order to keep policy prices low. The danger of this is that traveler and his family often expects to be covered for the most likely things, but find out that they are not when trying to make claim. Natural disasters or severe weather conditions, acts of God, acts of terrorism, war, civil commotion, uprising and a travel provider going out of business are some common things that insurers often exclude.

Compare Plans to Choose the Best

Ensure that you carry out insurance companies’ comparative analysis and what they have to offer including claims process, online services, toll free number, network of hospitals, payment options among others. There are dangers of buying policies on the basis of premium and sum insured. Therefore, do not buy on this basis.

In addition, have the required documents ready, read the claim procedure and save the helpline numbers of the third-party administrator and your insurer in your phone.Good Insurance CompaniesSome good insurance companies you can patronize are; World Normads, Travel Safe Insurance, CSA Travel Protection, MH Ross insurance, Travelex Insurance Services, Travel Insured International, HTH Travel Insurance and Access America.

Finally, remember that travel insurance is not a replacement for health insurance. It is purely an accident insurance that will protect you and your family if there is any emergency. You will require a different type of plan if you want a global health plan.

1 Comment

  1. All very valid points. I especially agree with buying a policy direct with the insurance company themselves rather than a third party to save. Though, check the policy properly and make sure it suits you for your needs beforehand.


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