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Posted by on Oct 1, 2015 in Travel England, Travel Europe, Travel UK |

5 Tips to Get the Best From a Tour of London

5 Tips to Get the Best From a Tour of London

From panoramic views to world-class shopping, eclectic dining to vibrant nightlife, London is one city that has it all. It is a cosmopolitan destination that offers plenty of activities one can enjoy, whether you want to splurge out on luxury or travel on a budget. To make the most out of your trip in London, consider the tips that are mentioned below. 

Go for a Walk

When in London, taking the tube can be a good choice for going around. The metropolis has ultra-modern modes of public transportation, making it effortless to explore the city. Nonetheless if you want a more authentic way to discover London, go for a walk. It is not only cheap, but also good for the health. It is a good thing that many of the attractions are just within a walking distance from each other.

Get a City Pass

One of the first things that you should do upon setting foot in the city is to obtain The London City Pass. You can buy it online from various websites as well for convenience. You can enjoy significant discounts depending on where you will book. With The London City Pass, you can already visit more than 60 attractions, such as London Bridge, Tower of London, and Westminster Abbey, among others. The pass can also be used to fast track your entry.

london City Pass

Explore Open Spaces

In a city that is as progressive as London, it is remarkable how it is able to preserve nature. There are many parks and green spaces that can be explored. For instance, one that should not be missed is the Hampstead Heath, located in the city’s hilly part and offers a commanding view you might not find elsewhere. The Regent’s Park is also worth a visit, especially if you can witness spectacular performances at their open-air theatre. Another place that you should see is the Wimbledon Common, which is perfect for cycling. 

Have Afternoon Tea at Ritz

Londoners are known for many things, and one of such is their love for tea. To have a luxurious afternoon tea experience, head over to The Ritz. This truly British experience may be expensive, but it is one that can complete your holiday in London, you can book with a luxury travel company who can include this experience as part of a wider city tour or package. The ambiance of the place can already provide you with a good reason to give it a try. It also has a diverse selection of teas and takes pride in offering world-class service. To complete the afternoon tea experience, a pianist is present to provide music perfect to complement the elegance of the place.

london Ritz

Take a Boat Cruise

To experience the best of London without having to exert too much effort, take a boat cruise. All that you have to do is to sit on a boat and enjoy the spectacular sights that will unfold right before your eyes. From the boat, you can see some of London’s most iconic landmarks, such as the Tower Bridge and House of Parliament. Aside from cruising along the Thames, you can also take a canal boat tour to experience the city’s waterways.

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