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Posted by on Jun 21, 2017 in Travel Asia, Travel Destinations, Travel Singapore |

5 Ways to Fully Enjoy Singapore on Your Holiday

5 Ways to Fully Enjoy Singapore on Your Holiday

Singapore, an island located off Southern Malaysia, has gained its name globally as a holiday destination. Its popularity has risen over the years because of its diverse nature of what it offers. Whether you are an art lover, or a food fanatic, or into diverse culture ranging from Chinese to Indian to Muslim and so on, or nightlife lover, or a shopping lover, or an admirer of amazing architecture, or a wildlife lover, and so on and on, then be sure that Singapore is your choice for a perfect holiday. With all that and much more to offer, Singapore may sound as an expensive destination, but that isn’t the case. It is one of the few holiday destinations that gathers for those on budget as well. And as if all that wasn’t enough, the warmth and welcoming nature of Singaporeans will leave you amazed.


Since there are a lot of amazing things to do and breath-taking places to visit in Singapore, one may end up being confused and fail to fully enjoy what Singapore has to offer. To avoid such a scenario, the following ways helps you to fully enjoy your dream holiday in Singapore. It serves as a small guide to make sure your perfect holiday in Singapore will be worthwhile in terms of time, cost and memories to be made.

A. Explore Changi Airport upon arrival

This airport prides itself as one of the largest transportation hub for Southeast Asia and is the greatest civilian airport in Singapore. It is the entry point to Singapore by air and is considered as a destination in itself. This is because of the breath-taking infrastructure coupled with amazing architecture with some of the best finishes which makes the airport a beautiful scenery on its own. Even before one lands, a view of the sea waters and the cost line leave one without words. Outside the airport gives a magnificent view of parks among other things, a view which words may not describe fully. Naturally, it is the point where one starts of exploring during his/her holiday in Singapore, and you can take it to the bank the fact that you won’t be disappointed.

B. Consider Local accommodation

If you are heading for a holiday of a couple of days, you should consider an apartment for rent in Singapore. People usually prefer rented apartments to hotel rooms during holidays due to cost and comfort factor. There is also the fact that one can have other luxuries such as having to cook for yourself in an apartment. There are various apartment sizes available in Singapore to gather for the various needs you may have, ranging from one bedroom, two bedrooms, and so on. The goodness of these apartments is that one can rent them for a minimum of two nights. What more, than to than to have a variety of apartments with prices as low as $ 45 per night, or even lower. This means no matter your budget, you will find a decent apartment for your perfect holiday in Singapore.

C. Take a cooking class

Due to Singapore’s multi-ethnic culture, there are several local cuisines that can only leave you yearning for more, each with unique taste and aroma. In fact, Singapore was ranked as the Best Street Food City in the year 2013. With all these rich local foods, how much more interesting will your holiday be if you were taught how to cook some of the finger-licking cuisines which you can later on try it yourself? Amazing, right? And more so, you will be taking the cooking class from the local Singaporeans. The cooking classes in Singapore can be done in some of the world renowned cooking schools in Singapore or in various hotels who offer such classes. It is important to note that the fee for the class vary greatly depending on factors such as whether one to be professional or just sharpening kitchen skills. Some of the schools are Hooked, Basilico, Cookery Magic and very many others.

D. Visit Sentosa

You think of an island to visit so Sentosa is the place to be. It is an island resort off Singapore’s southern cost and is very popular as it receives over 20 million people a year. To put into perspective, the island is referred to as the Asia’s Favorite Playground and also State of Fun. At Sentosa, you will have tones of things to do with places to visit such as S.E.A. Aquarium, a ride in Singapore Cable Cars, a walk in Sentosa Boardwalk, several theme parks, museums, amazing sights and landmarks, just to mention but a few.

E. View the City from Marina Bay Sands rooftop

A holiday to Singapore will definitely not be complete without a visit to Marina Bay Sands to have a view of the city. This 5-star hotel has the largest rooftop infinity pool in the world! The hotel is less than 20 minutes drive from Changi Airport and a walking distance to Marina Bay. The hotel’s rooftop offers a fantastic view of the city. More so, if you are lucky and is willing to spend the night at the hotel, some well-appointed rooms at the hotel offer a great view of the city and you will be able to have that for your entire stay at the hotel!

In conclusion, we have a look at what holds Singapore together. Singapore is commonly referred to as the Lion City and this is because of the Merlion symbol used to market its tourism industry. Merlion symbol serves to unite the Singaporeans. It is a picture depicting two animals, a lion and a fish which is actually a lion’s head with a fish’s tail. The symbol has a meaning as the fish represents the historic economic of the Singaporeans while the lion’s head represent Singapore’s original name ‘Singapura’ which meant loosely ‘Lion City’ which still exists to date.
It may be impossible to describe fully all the reasons why Singapore is arguably the perfect holiday destination. The various sites and amazing facilities makes it a definite bucket list item for anyone planning for a perfect holiday, either alone, with friends, spouse or family and even as a corporate/company.

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