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Posted by on Sep 3, 2015 in Food and Travel, Travel Australia and New Zealand, Travel Destinations, Travel New Zealand, Travel Resources |

6 Amazing Things about New Zealand

6 Amazing Things about New Zealand

If you want a holiday destination that will straight up blow your mind and leave you wishing you could extend your vacation, then you should travel to New Zealand. There is something for everyone. From the adrenaline junky, the nature lover, to the red wine enthusiast, everyone will be equally amazed. Even the hopeless romantic will find a place to feed their enchantment under the clearest, darkest skies in the world, perfect for stargazing.

New Zealand is the home of endless amazing things, but here are 6 of the best reasons why you should start preparing for a visit to the fascinating country of New Zealand.

The Home of the Bungy JumpBungy Jump new zealand

About 27 years ago, the adrenalin pumping daredevil stunt of bungy jumping was invented, and yes, that was in New Zealand. When it comes to the bungy, no-one does it better. New Zealand is home to some of the most spectacular spots to make the giant leap of faith from. With the vast experience of the operators, it couldn’t be any safer. There are different packages to fit different budgets, and different spots to jump from depending on how daring you feel.

Home of the Middle EarthHome of the Middle Earth

Do you love the Lord of the Rings, or at least its filming location? Then put New Zealand on your itinerary, the location of Middle Earth, which is the fictional name given to an otherwise real place. New Zealand wasn’t chosen as the filming location of The Lord of the Rings for nothing. The land is truly magical, with snowy mountains towering over elegant meadows, crystal clear streams weaving their way along enchanting valleys, and vast amazing golden plains. It’s a view you can only experience in fiction, but in New Zealand, it’s reality.

Home of the Best Red WinesRed Wines New zealand

If a glass of cold red wine is your fancy, then you will find delight in the home of some of the greatest red wines around. There are as many as ten wine growing regions, each contributing to a tasty, sparkling array of red wine. There are enough options to fit any wallet, and just as many tastes to please whatever flavour your taste buds desire. Keep in mind that you can buy red wines online through Advintage that are made in New Zealand not only during your travel, but also after so you never forget the exquisite savor.

Home of the Darkest SkyDarkest Sky New zealand

Have you ever found yourself speechless while looking at the night sky? If the answer is yes, then you will definitely be mesmerised by the darkest skies on earth, which reveal the glory of the cosmos in full right before your eyes. International Dark-Sky Association has assigned ‘Gold Status’ to South Island of New Zealand, declaring it free from light pollution. You are not a star gazer until you travel to New Zealand to see the night splendour of the darkest skies on earth.

Home to the Most Spectacular Geothermal WondersGeothermal New zealand

If you are the kind of person that is tired of the boring life offered by the urban jungle, filled with nothing but uninspiring concrete and glass, then you should find your way to New Zealand. The mighty geothermal wonders of the country will leave you feeling amazingly alive. Boiling mud pools, steaming hot spots, and rushing geysers are just some of the creations of the island’s volcanic nature. Hot steam covers the air, and when its curtains are rolled apart, the most unusual captivating landscapes are revealed.

Backpacker’s Paradisebackpacking New zealand

Every backpacking fan will wish they visited New Zealand earlier once they see what the amazing island has to offer. With the wide range of places to see and experiences to be had, you are in for a great time. Whether you want to visit the urban areas, the rural parts, or even better, the pristine undisturbed natural regions, you will find something worth recording in your diary and leave with the most exciting stories to tell.

Friendly People, Friendly Creatures
What is your biggest concern when you visit a new country? Most likely you think about your safety. The best thing about New Zealand is that the people are ridiculously friendly. But, the safety of the land gets way exaggerated once you learn that the animals are just as safe. Yes, New Zealand boasts of no poisonous animals. Nothing wants to pump venom into your bloodstream. At the worst, the animals only want a treat from you.
If you are prepared to have the vacation of your life, click here to read more about your wonderful travel to New Zealand.
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