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Posted by on Jun 27, 2017 in Money and Travel, Travel Resources, Travel Tips |

6 Tips to Maximize Your Summer Vacation

6 Tips to Maximize Your Summer Vacation

Whether you’re traveling to another country or just staying close to home, you want to do whatever possible to maximize your experience. We composed a list of six tips to help you get the most of your summer vacation.

Read below for our helpful summer tips and tricks to maximize your summer experience.


At the beginning of summer, set a goal amount. Estimate it by calculating the cost of all your must-do summer activities (e.g. concerts, water parks, movie releases, and festivals) and any random spur of the moment expenses, include food, clothing, and last minute trips.

Ask your bank to open up a savings account specifically for summer adventures. After summer ends, convert your savings account into a winter adventure account. Whimsical savers can instead use a piggy bank or decorative jar as a way to save for their summer goals. Take a certain amount out of the bank each week and add it to the jar. Do not open or break the piggy bank until it’s time for one of your summer activities.

Use Coupons

Make a habit of checking Groupon at least once a day. Bookmark the pages of your favorite stores. Groupon carries coupons for over 11,000 stores, so even sites you wouldn’t expect, like 1800Contacts, has a page on the deal giant site.

Print or copy down a code before visiting online retailers or in-store ones. Use coupons wherever you go because it helps you save a ton of money, which you can later use for other summer activities.

Pack a Survival Bag

Designate a specific tote or handbag as your summer survival bag. This summer, whenever you leave your house, carry it along. Fill your bag with the following items:

  • Sunscreen
  • A small light snack (fruit, some form of protein like nuts, energy bar, a small sandwich or salad, and a water bottle).
  • Important cards: debt, I.D, store savings, and library
  • A book or e-reader
  • An MP3 player, so you can save energy on your phone by not listening to music on it
  • Sunglasses


Add to the bag as you see fit. Fill it with items that you’ll need if you’re away for a long period. Replace food every trip, but keep the rest of the survival items within the bag to ensure that you never forget anything important.

Buy an Effective Cooling System

If you plan to spend the majority of your summer inside, invest in your cooling system. Stay away from cheap fans because they tend to break mid-summer. Pay a little more for ones that last long enough to keep you cool for years. The same rule applies to air conditioners: Invest so that it lasts longer than one summer. Additionally, consider buying an energy saving unit to be more environmentally conscious.

Monitor Deals

Join the email list of your favorite stores. Additionally, if they have a free reward program, sign up for that as well. Most companies alert their email list to their sales, and offer even more discounts to reward members. Also join the email list of major airlines, hotel companies, and daily deal getaway sites.

Pick Experience Over Destination and SellOffVacations are just a few sites that let jetsetters buy cheap vacation packages or airline tickets. The major catch is that you don’t really have much of a choice in where you go. You see a vacation package at a reasonable price, click buy, and then plan around the date and location.

For many, this may seem more stressful than fun. However, for those adventurous souls, this is the chance to be bold and travel the world.

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