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Posted by on Apr 5, 2017 in Travel Asia, Travel Destinations, Travel Indonesia |

7 reasons why Bali is the go to Dental Destination for Aussies

7 reasons why Bali is the go to Dental Destination for Aussies


Bali has become a hotspot for dental tourists. Here are seven reasons why Aussies choose Bali for dental work.

Proximity –

Bali is close to Australia. It is easily accessible thanks to the Denpasar International Airport that has many flights from major airlines like Jetstar, Airasia, Qantas, Skywest and Virgin Australia among others. It is a short three to six hours flight away from most places in Australia.

Airfare and visa –

You can get cheap airfares at certain times of the year even on full service airlines. Low cost airlines, too, usually have cheap fares. Travel hassles are low as you don’t need a visa: you can either opt for a visa waiver (where you show your passport which is then stamped) or get a visa on arrival as an Aussie.

Quality of dentists –

Dentists are highly trained and qualified. Many may have done some or part of their specialist training in western countries. They may have affiliations to internationally recognized organizations. They are also highly experienced as they see a lot more patients than dentists in Australia, which is another benefit as they are hands-on. You can easily find the best dentist in Bali by running a web search, checking on different sites and forums.

Medical facilities –

You can find high quality dental facilities that rival those that you see anywhere in the world. These maintain high standards of hygiene and care, use the latest equipment and are well-versed in the use of newest treatment protocols and innovations. They use the latest diagnostic tools as well. Many clinics like Arc Dental and Bali 911 have onsite laboratories, making work easier and faster.

Affordable pricing –

Most importantly the prices of all kinds of dental work are cheap. You can expect to pay between 40 and 80 percent of the costs of dental procedures that range from cosmetic, surgical to routine. Even if you are simply going to Bali for a holiday, you should try to visit a dentist just for a routine check-up or teeth cleaning, if you don’t require any dental work.

Holiday –

Bali is a premier holiday destination with lots to see and do there. It has something to cater to your interests whether adventure activities, beaches, a pulsating nightlife or more. It is worth seeing UNESCO world heritage sites like Pakerisan Valley, Jatiluwih Rice Terraces, Taman Ayun Temple and  others that are ancient archaeological or agricultural wonders. If you are a nature lover, you can see tropical forests, volcanoes and waterfalls. Don’t forget Bali is a beach paradise with swimming, rafting, diving and surfing.

Cheap hotels – You get more bang for your buck in Bali as hotels are reasonably priced and you can opt to check into luxurious hotels or private villas and more. If you are in the mind for paying less you can opt for budget accommodations with hostels and low priced hotels.

It is no wonder that Bali has become a hot favorite with Aussies who want to go for a dental vacation and get dental work done by the best dentist in Bali.

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