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Posted by on Feb 18, 2015 in Transportation, Travel Insurance, Travel Resources |

Airports Can Be Enjoyable Too!

Airports Can Be Enjoyable Too!

If you’re one of the many people who simply see the getting from A to B part of a holiday a bind, something to be endured before the good stuff starts, then I’m here to convince you that there is fun to be had during the time in transit!

Bars, shops, restaurants, Duty Free … these are all things to be enjoyed whilst you’re waiting to board your flight, and once you get on the plane, you can start to seriously look forward to touching down in your destination.

Don’t let the fun make you forget the serious stuff however, such as insurance. Having a good quality travel insurance policy is what will give you peace of mind, and peace of mind means a more relaxed you, making it easier to soak up a fun atmosphere. I’d always recommend buying an annual multi-trip insurance policy at the beginning of the year, so you don’t have to think about it again.

Still need convincing that travel can be fun? Here’s a few ideas.

Stay overnight

I’m not suggesting you sleep on the airport chairs, I’m quite sure that kind of thing is frowned upon, instead I’m suggesting you book a night in an airport hotel and really make an evening of it. You could have a few drinks, a nice meal, and a good night’s sleep before embarking on your travel day. Most large UK airports offer a range of hotels, both onsite and nearby, including a great selection of Dublin Airport hotels too, so certainly check this idea out (image by business_traveler_1818).

airport hotel

Duty Free!

It’s shiny, it’s glittery! It’s cheap! What’s not to love about Duty Free? The only downside to this is the temptation to buy too much, but if you’re careful, and you question whether you actually need what you’re coveting, then you could grab yourself some serious bargains here. If you’re staying self-catering, this is a great opportunity to stock up on alcohol for the apartment too, saving you some cash once you arrive.

Restaurants and bars

Now, I’m not advocating drinking too much before you board the plane, because you’ll run the risk of not actually being allowed on said flight, however a few drinks in the airport departure lounge is just the tonic. Relaxing and allowing you to get in the holiday mood, a few drinks and maybe a sit down meal, will start your holiday in style. I enjoy going to a proper restaurant and having something to eat whilst I wait, because I find this fills me up much more than fast food, and I don’t end up snacking on the plane (image by danobrienmuzyka).

airport bar

People watching

I had to include this, simply because people are funny at the best of times, not least when they’re going on holiday. You’re bound to have a little bit of time whilst you’re waiting either for your departure gate or for boarding, when you’ve got nothing much to do, and this is when I sit and people watch. Entertaining to say the least!

Convinced yet?


Feature image by Valmir

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