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Posted by on Mar 31, 2013 in Family Travel, Outdoor Nature Travel, Travel Colombia, Travel Destinations, Travel South America, Travel Style, World Culture and History |

Awesome Mud Volcano in Colombia- Lodo El Totumo

Awesome Mud Volcano in Colombia- Lodo El Totumo

volcan del lodo totumo

You may had visited some volcano sites around the world. Some of them are still active and lava can be seen from time to time. So of the volcanoes are steel being toured and guided to with the hop to see more lava and more actions.
But this one is a different volcano. The one that lava was never part of.  This so-called volcano omits hot mud which contain many minerals that helps the skin. The experience is priceless and extremely affordable. It is located in northern Colombia one hour east of Cartagena.
Here are two great movies that bring the full experience of Lodo El Totumo



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