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Best Kept Tagaytay Vacation Secrets You Should Know

Best Kept Tagaytay Vacation Secrets You Should Know

Tagaytay City in Cavite is one of the popular and easy to go choices for a quick weekend or day trip for travellers looking for fresh air, cooler climate, refreshing sights and good restaurants. Tagaytay is a popular holiday town south of Manila on the Philippine island Luzon. It also offers historic spots and resorts ideal for sports and recreational activities along with spiritual journey one may take. It is just 2 hours’ drive from Manila and is a safe heaven and a harbor where tourists can relax and unwind in nature. Below are some of the top things to do in Tagaytay and have an enriching experience:

    • Tagaytay Picnic Grove: It is most visited recreational areas and perfect gate-away for family and friends outings. It offers lots of activities like zipping, cable ride, horseback riding and eco trail. Souvenir shops are also available.
    • Sky Ranch Theme Park: One of the top attractions in Tagaytay city, the 5-hectare theme park is just across Casino Filipino. It has ferry wheel, carousel, super Viking ride and other such rides enjoyed by the children. The main attraction is 207 feet tall “sky eye” ferry wheel and is the tallest ferry wheel in Philippines.
    • Taal Volcano: As Tagaytay city is located on a mountain ridge, it is good to have a spectacular view of Taal Volcano as well as Taal lake. One can also get a closer look by climbing its carter lake.

    • Puzzle Mansion: Tagaytay Puzzle Mansion is the home of the world’s largest collection of jigsaw puzzles. The mansion houses extensive and ever growing collection of solved tiny 2D, 3D puzzles. Visiting the puzzle mansion may inspire you to buy your own puzzles.
    • Sonya’s Garden: Sonya’s picturesque bed and breakfast and restaurant is where one can enjoy healthy meals in a lush garden setting. With its romantic setting, it has become one of popular honeymoon destinations.
    • Spiritual Journey: Tagaytay being home to churches, chapels and seminary houses where one can spend time meditating and communing with nature and creator, visit to these places always strengthens the faith and reward one with renewed spirit.

Tagaytay not only provides the attractions, but also other important things that should be considered while travelling. A good accommodation to stay, unwind, relax and enjoy the nature is a part of an enjoyable trip. Since it is a weekend getaway from Manila, the city has many hotels, bed and breakfast style accommodation, and transient and apartment hotels. Some of the transient houses in Tagaytay that provides a cheaper and reliable solution are:

  • Famous Inn
  • The Lake Hotel Tagaytay
  • Summit Ridge Tagaytay
  • One Tagaytay Home
  • Hotel Dominique
  • Lee Boutique Hotel

These comfortable stay options make one feel at home and ease immediately providing a gateway to traditional hospitality provided by the city, thus adding to the experience.

The picture perfect sceneries, the cool weather, stress free lifestyle, leisure locations and upscale residential communities makes Tagaytay a perfect location for the travellers who are looking to spend some quality time away from the hustle bustle of the Manila but not too far. Why not pass by and check Tagaytay out?

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