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Posted by on Aug 16, 2014 in Budget Travel, Money and Travel, Travel Destinations, Travel Resources, Travel Style, Travel Tips |

Budgeting for a Big Trip can be Easy

Budgeting for a Big Trip can be Easy

For some travel buffs, budgeting proves to be a great way of getting excited about a trip. This is obviously the first step in planning that much awaited vacation and increasing the levels of anticipation of a newly found destination. However, for most of us, budgeting for a trip is quite similar to visiting a dentist after gorging on sugar for months in a stretch.

Remember, the act of budgeting is  essential and alleviates the concerns of running out of money halfway across a trip, finding yourself stranded in the event of  a medical emergency abroad or making embarrassed calls to well wishers back home. These simple steps will go a long way in helping you save good money for an upcoming trip and removing the stress linked with erratic cash flows—the convenient way! (image by tenerife holidays).

Mosaic Globe - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - save money travel Budgeting for a Big Trip can be Easy

Figure out the Figures

Note down the biggest costs first—usually they will be linked to your flight/ trains as well as accommodation and car rentals. Get a rough idea about the available room tariffs, cost of meals on a per day basis and the expected costs for sightseeing, buying gifts and other predictable spending. An estimate of the period during which you intend to stay away, museum entry fees, cost of an odd concert and all other conceivable costs should be added to the list for best results.

Here, it is wise to add in a few more dollars for outdoor activities, extreme sporting events, souvenir t-shirts and an occasional splurge. For instance the costs linked with skydiving from the blue skies over Lake Taupo or a little Singapore bling at the much acclaimed Long Bar should also be allowed and accounted for. Well, self catering may be a good option in the expensive terrains of Europe and other places in the world, but not savoring the delights of wagyu in Tokyo or paella in Barcelona is certainly a shame—so save accordingly.

Expenses Before Leaving

Your pre-trip costs should effective include the costs incurred for renewing your passport, making visas, immunizations and a reliable travel insurance. Though some tourists like to skimp on their travel insurance, it is a good idea to invest in the same. Providing higher levels of peace of mind and taking care of the monetary consequences of any medical emergencies or accidents that may come your way, they are indeed useful. And then, you may need to invest in quality luggage, comfy walking shoes, specialized travel gear, power adapters, a torch and trustworthy Swiss Army knives—among a host of other things. Aiming to travel light will help you commute from one place to another in peace and you may forget about any additional payments for excess baggage.

Saving is Fun

Once you have the estimated figures of your foreseeable travel expenses in hand, you need to start your saving process. You may consider putting the figure as your mobile’s screensaver or write the same on your fridge—this motivates you to enough and helps in building the right saving goals which are not difficult to achieve. You may build your personal telethon-style countdown scheme that will make you march towards your goal. Budgeting software such as Mint or Pear Budget help your cause to a large extent. Adopt new ways of cutting your expenses and building up your savings account—you will find yourself sailing or flying soon enough!(image by Randall Langenhoven).

Mosaic Globe - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Fun travel Budgeting for a Big Trip can be Easy

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