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Posted by on Jan 4, 2014 in Budget Travel, Family Travel, Guest Post, World Travel |

Cheap Summer Holiday Recreation

Cheap Summer Holiday Recreation

Keeping your family moving through summer holiday without incidents is a major accomplishment, especially when multiple children are part of the picture. Kids have different interests, so it can be difficult to get them all on the same page for leisure fun.  While some would just as soon stay home playing video games, others have loftier thoughts of how their summers will unfold.  As difficult as it can be to harness unity across families with wide age gaps between kids, the situation gets even more complicated when money issues are at play, behind the scenes.  The additional money required for activities may need to be sourced externally to tide you over this period. While harmony is closest when kids are well-entertained and occupied with fun activities, cash flow problems can limit your options.  The key to summer fun is creativity, drumming-up fresh low-budget fun your kids will embrace.

Organized Summer Activities

Seasoned parents know that the best way to take the pressure off providing entertainment for the kids is to get as much help as possible along the way. Summer recreation programs are in-place to help defer the shock of full-time parenting responsibilities required during summer months, when school is not in session.  Summer recreation alternatives vary in scope and size; from day-camps furnishing fun activities while parents are at work, to stay over recreation options which keep kids away for days.  Costs vary, but many organized recreation programs are within the reach of even the most budget-conscious parents. For higher fees, instructive specialty camps are also an option for kids, who concentrate on particular sports and leisure past times. The best options teach real skills, like athletic versions focusing on football and other sports.

Grow Your Food

Any time you can incorporate gains into your entertainment schemes, you are way ahead of the game.  Planting a family garden provides a fun warm weather distraction that actually puts food on the table.  In addition to immediate gratification – in the form of tasty meals, kids learn the relationship between producers and consumers.  Valuable life lessons taken away from home gardening efforts include perseverance and overcoming adversity – when crops don’t cooperate.  The seasonal nature of gardening is perfectly aligned with summer holiday, so kids harvest the yard’s bounty at about the same time they return to school. ( Image by Earth Designs – Garden Design and Build )

home garden - mosaicglobe

Free Attractions Close to Home

Building a day of fun doesn’t necessarily start with a major expense of high-profile event.  Nearby attractions, whether historical, whimsical, or even completely contrived by parents grasping for straws, furnish worthy distractions when they are needed most.

Year round draws, like museums and historical sites are prime destinations, even when light admission fees are charged.  Start during the school year, selecting potential destinations for the summer; even if you don’t visit all of them, your advanced research provides for impromptu outings throughout the summer holiday.  Seasonal events, like local fairs and festivals, provide outlets for summer recreation, including local church gatherings ripe with fun and food.  Daytime activities are generally kid-centric, including games, face painting, and other structured good times.  Some festivals lean toward adult fun during evening hours, rewarding mums and dads for hanging in there with their kids. ( Image by Samson_Cheong_Kok_Chun )

near home

Kids Eat Free and Other Summer Offers

Restaurants and other hospitality providers want your summer business, so every effort is made to lure you in during the prime holiday season.  As a result, a little legwork goes a long way uncovering family-friendly deals on summer meals and entertainment.

Kids Eat Free are three of the sweetest words heard by cash-strapped parents.  Not only do such offers provide budget-friendly nights-out, but restaurant promotions also keep parents out of the kitchen.  Free kids admissions are also offered by theme parks and other summer entertainment vendors, providing drastic reductions in summertime family entertainment spending.

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