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Posted by on Jul 30, 2017 in Travel Australia, Travel Australia and New Zealand, Travel Destinations |

Day Trips to Take From Perth

Day Trips to Take From Perth

Perth is a great Australian city to visit, and holds a lot of entertainment and culture for you to enjoy. As with any part of Australia, however, the sprawling nature of the local attractions may mean that you decide to go on multiple day trips to take advantage of all of them. Here are the top day trips you could choose if you are staying in Perth.

Rottnest Island

Although the name doesn’t sound too appealing, this island is a weekend getaway hotspot for many. If you enjoy relaxing on sun-drenched beaches, exploring historical attractions, or watching the native wildlife, then Rottnest will tick all of the boxes for you. Rock wallabies are one of the main attractions here, and cars are not allowed, keeping the atmosphere tranquil and natural. You can go swimming, enjoy nature walks, snorkel, take a Segway tour, and visit the local museum. You can book a ferry to Rottnest from the Barrack Street Jetty which will take about 90 minutes to get there – ask at your hotel if you can book a day trip with them.

Caversham Wildlife Park

A 30-minute drive from Perth is the Caversham Wildlife Park. It’s perfect for animal lovers, and represents a great day out for families in particular. All of the popular native animals are here: you will be able to spot kangaroos, wombats, kookaburras, koalas, and echidnas. Some of the animals can be hand-fed and there is also a farmyard area where kids can pet the more common farm animals. If you’re interested in traditional Aussie culture, you can learn a lot more here too: all about shearing sheep or how to crack a whip. It’s definitely worth a full-day visit for those who love getting up close to all manner of cuddly beasts.

Yanchep National Park

Any National Park is always worth a visit, and Yanchep is a particularly great day out. It is situated about 50 kilometres above the city, and is full of walking trails and brightly coloured wildflowers. There’s a large lake surrounded by coastal plains, with kangaroos and koalas both roaming wild around the boardwalk trails. Bird species are plentiful here, and all of them spectacularly exciting. There are even some limestone caves with stalagmites and stalactites for explorers to admire. You can talk a guided tour or just see things at your own pace.

Yanchep National Park

Swan Valley

About 14 kilometres away from the city centre you will find one of the best wine regions in Australia. Foodies will love it, not just wine aficionados. Take a river cruise on the Swan River to get there, and sample local produce. The grapes are excellent, but so are the asparagus, melons, nuts, honey, chocolate, cheese, strawberries, citrus fruits, and nougat – all produced in this region. If that’s not enough, you will also find art galleries, 19th-century architecture, and highly acclaimed restaurants which may well be the highlight of your day. After a day trip to Swan Valley, you might not want to go back to Perth!

Rockingham’s Shoalwater Bay

Located 50 kilometres below Perth, Shoalwater Bay is the kind of place which is worth a visit no matter how far you have to drive. The Shoalwater Islands Marine Park boasts clear waters, through which you can see pods of Dolphins and Australian sea lions. The bottlenose Dolphins are happy and relaxed as they swim with visitors, interacting for the promise of a treat. If you don’t want to get into the water yourself, glass-bottomed cruises give you the joy of seeing it all first-hand while staying dry.


Kayak tours are also a lot of fun, and give you a chance to meet little penguins or see the reefs under your vessel. If you like to dive or snorkel, these reefs are also an excellent place to do it. Again, this is another destination that you might consider booking more than one day’s excursion to because it’s just so beautiful and exciting.

The nature of Australia’s geography means that day trips are almost always a must. When in Perth, don’t miss out on the surroundings by just staying in the city. You could even convert your day trip into an overnight stay at the end of your vacation, to save on hotel fees and give your holiday a mini-extension.

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