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Posted by on Nov 14, 2017 in Only The Best, Travel Europe |

Discover the Untouched Greek Beaches on a Sailing Boat

Discover the Untouched Greek Beaches on a Sailing Boat

It is pretty easy to find the most attractive Greece islands for your vacation if you are the classical type and like going to the explored paths. But, it is time to forget monster cruise ships, petrol-smelling ferries, and plastic tub motor cruisers. The real way to island hop around the Mediterranean Sea is under sail on a yacht.

There are a lot of familiar and well-known places which will make you satisfied. On the other hand, you can go sailing around numerous Greek islands and every time you go, you will discover something new and exciting. Every day you can run through enterely new experience.

There are more Greek islands than anyone can explore during the lifetime

In the beginning, you should pick out the area you are interested in. As you maybe know, about half of the Greek coastline belongs to islands. Actually, there are around 6000 islands and islets interspersed, but only 227 of them are inhabited. All the islands are grouped into six groups.

The Ionian Islands, including Corfu, Lefkada, and Kefalonia, are on the west. In the central Aegean is the Cyclades with 220 islands which include Mykonos and Santorini and lesser visited islands like Paros and Naxos. On the east, you can meet the Dodecanese with Rhodes, Kos and small Patmos.

Don’t forgive the northeast and the Sporades group which includes Skiathos, Samos, Lesvos, and Thassos. And, there is Crete, as a ‘’special country inside the country’’.

But, if you are a different kind of traveler and like exploring the untouched beauty, sailing around and visiting some little islands, for which even Greeks don’t know that they have, you will spend the best moments of your life for sure.

Go ahead and start exploring!

Be prepared for surprises

After you decide to start this unusual holiday and choose the region you like to explore, you have two choices. You can dig all information you can find to be prepared for everything that is waiting for you, or you can consider basic information and discover unexplored places during the sailing. Once you are aboard, you will be very mobile and will have the ability to improvise and find many secret beaches even islands which you can explore around.

There are too many islands and too little time.

For a start, establish your budget because this will drive your final choice of yacht, holiday duration, flights, and accommodation. Most sailing holidays allow all customization you want, especially when boats are chartered. That means that you can make some changes during sailing which depends on your current interests.

Finding the right boat is not too complicated because there is a wide range of flotilla sailing holidays in Greece. Your choice will depend on taste, budget, and preferences. There are arrangements which allow those with little experience to spend time sailing. Also, some of them offer experienced sailors the opportunity to relax and explore the sea by themselves. It’s up to you!

The most last seven to ten days. It is not enough to explore everything, but you can visit enough places to be satisfied.

Find the island of your dreams

Most of the flotilla sailing holidays in Greece are well organized and it is not difficult to choose the best boat and the most interesting tour. Maybe the best way is to go exploring with a bunch of friends or family. But be careful, sailing may not be a good choice for very young children.

Also, you can go sailing and take rests in different accommodations on your way. You can go sailing alone, but you should be very experienced for such an adventure. On the other hand, there is a possibility of taking one-week flotilla sailing for 20–35 year-olds who want to explore the area between Athens and the Peloponnese. You can hire an entire yacht with friends, or book solo. The advantage of it is that no previous experience is required.

But, be realistic. The main tours for sailing include the Cyclades. There are various private highly-personalized trips, either by sailing boat or catamaran, with skippers who know the region’s waters and weather conditions.

You can explore Mykonos on a private charter or sailboat, including nearby islands such as Paros, Naxos or Santorini. After spending cosmopolitan nightlife in that amazing island and seeing the most beautiful sunset in the world in Santorini, you can explore the island like Milos too. It can be a precious surprise for those adventurous enough to take a detour from Santorini or Mykonos.

Milos is a remarkable island rich in spectacular sunset views, beautiful beaches, inspiring views, and a rich history. If you choose it, you will spend time with good-hearted people and will enjoy in excellent and very delicious food. Just look for it and keep dreaming!

After a day you have spent on the yacht and swimming in the open sea, you may want to find yourself on Sifnos which is only one hour away. It is a perfect destination for those who want to experience the real Greece in all its beauty, without the crowds. There are some remarkable beaches which you shouldn’t miss if you look for spotless nature.

If you prefer old stylish architecture, you can organize your own visit to Folegandros. The island’s main town is built on a cliff and offers breathtaking views. It is the best tour you can find if you prefer to combine sailing with extensive hikes and walks on land.

In the other hand, if you prefer a journey designed for experienced scuba-divers, I highly recommend you Iraklia, a pocket-sized island located in the Small Eastern Cyclades archipelago. It is a well-kept secret. The tour starts at Syros and includes all islands you would like to see. If you are looking for crystal-clear water perfect for snorkeling, this unspoiled paradise is an ideal destination for you. Just lie down and enjoy.

There is a perfect sailing tour which begins and ends on Syros in the heart of ‘real Greece’ too. Syros merges traditional and modern Greece at the same time. You can explore its magnificent beaches without a bunch of tourists shouting and mingle around all day long. Ermoupoli, the main town and capital of the Cyclades, is situated on this island. It is town museum and you can see how beautiful Greek town can be.

For those who prefer the Ionian Islands, be sure that this area is yachtsman’s paradise. Waters are gentle, calm, and very clear. All in all, sailing holidays in the Ionian Islands are ideal either for the novice or for expert sailors.

Pick out Kythira, a perfect place for people who look for unexplored beauty. You can arrive there by your boat indirectly from Athens or from the little southern port of Neapoli, which is more pleasurable. It is one of the most isolated Greek islands which make it a really desirable place for those who like destinations without crowds and noisy tourists.

Of course, there are much more possibilities for sailing all over the Greece Sea. Whatever you choose, you can’t make a mistake. Every choice is a right choice and completely breathtaking. It is time to start with making plans. New summer is right there behind the first corner.

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