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Posted by on Feb 6, 2015 in Backpacking, Budget Travel, Diving Holidays, Extreme Travel, Family Travel, Luxury Travel, Travel Italy, Winter Holiday |

Explore Venice- The Most Well-known City of Italy

Explore Venice- The Most Well-known City of Italy

If you are searching for an interesting and pleasant area to visit, then try Venice in Italy. It is an old but romantic area where one can get attractive architecture. To know more regarding Venice city, you should take a tour in this region.

Venice holidays are really fantastic choices for those people who are wishing places to spend holidays. Venice offers the perfect site for a city break from any family meeting and sightseeing trips to romantic honeymoon. In this spectacular metropolitan area, you can travel down the beautiful canals and cobbled streets. The children may play easily in the road without any fear; it means that traffic is quite less in the city. There are a lot of thrilling places to visit when you are Venice. Some of the most amazing holiday city breaks of Venice are mentioned below.

Saint Mark's Basilica

Saint Mark’s Basilica– This sophisticated church lies on the fashionable piazza by the identical name. Though the original cathedral was created in 828, this St. Mark’s Basilica was reconstructed in 1094. At present, its magnificence shines from almost every angle, from 4 bronze horses, which guard the entry to lots of square feet of montages to Pala d’Oro.

Grand Canal– It is one of the most admired and highly photographed sites of the region. Present travelers want to hire a gondolier. You may hop on one or two water buses for an affordable charge. Some people who have experience recommend others to purchase a Travel card for vaporetto transport or Venice Card that comprises transportation in some attractions.

Rialto Bridge

Rialto Bridge– Many centuries ago, when people wished to cross the famous Grand Canal, they used only a bridge situated here. Currently there are other alternatives. The bridge’s present manifestation is the work of Antonio da Ponte. Several tourists enjoy the opportunity of Canal photo on this Ponte di Rialto.

Culinary aspects of Venice

Venice, as every area of Italy, is recognized for the traditional food items. A visit to this city presents a chance to realize attractive gastronomic traditions. Evidently because of the location of Venice near the ocean, there is a lot of fish dishes, just mixed with olive oil, garlic, herbs and many more.  Though the lagoon is well-known for great varieties of fishes, the inland river’s fresh fish are even appreciated in recipes. Some of the notable dishes are Baccala’ Mantecata, Sarde in Saor, Polenta and Risi i Bisi and so on.

Culture in the city of Venice

If you want to get the taste of Venetian culture, then you can get the wonderful experience during the amazing celebrations and carnivals, which are the major things of the cultural life. Most attractive occasion is certainly the Carnival, a grand celebration that makes the natives and travelers forget any other thing. It is carried out within 8 days of January or even February every year. The event consists of a number of performances, balls and emblematic parades with masked members. Specifically, the richly adorned masks and outfits with splendid ornaments stand for the main appeal of this Carnival.

Thus Venice is really an area that combines all the special events and various natural beauties, which compel the tourists to visit this city during their vacation.

Image by zolaczakl Cardo Photos under cc license




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