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Extreme Sports that are Indeed worth a Try

Extreme Sports that are Indeed worth a Try

Ready for some adrenaline packed fun and ways to get your pulse racing? From volcano boarding to zorbing—extreme sporting and accessible activities are bound to get a tick on your list – and in the most amazing destinations to test them in.

Volcano Boarding

Pioneered by an adventure enthusiast and Australian traveler in the scenic precincts of León in Nicaragua, action packed volcano boarding makes you challenge your skills of zooming down the face of active volcanoes and surrounding zones on reinforced plywood toboggans. This sport uses your heels to steer and brake. Here, it is quite possible to zip down at a phenomenal speed of up to 90km/hr—which comes after you have managed your way to the top of the volcano. Surprised, eh? León Big Foot Hostel organizes trips to Sierra Nevada volcano every day. (image by Chad Hart).

Mosaic Globe - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Volcano Boarding that are Indeed worth a Try

Downhill Mountain Biking

If you are planning to indulge in downhill mountain biking fun, then do gear yourself for full-suspension bikes that are impeccably designed to float over tree roots and rocks. This extreme sport is all about enthusiasts and ‘DH’ bikers racing down steep inclines, which are well peppered with obstacles. DH biking is best enjoyed in Bolivia’s much acclaimed Death Road and attracts adventure mongers with its popular backpacker activities. If you are looking for slightly safer options, then head towards Whistler Bike Park in Canadian terrains—here, winter ski runs mingle with summer biking tracks. A rare treat indeed!

Freshwater cave diving

While ocean scuba diving is quite extreme for some, descending deep into a hole present in the earth (to enjoy and explore submerged cave systems) takes you to the next-level of adventurous activity. While indulging in freshwater cave diving, stalactites prove to be a big draw. You may like to try this sport in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula– that boasts of the world’s biggest concentration of cenotes; is fringed by lush jungles and offers the tranquil bounties of some of the most idyllic, crystal-clear and turquoise pools

Heli-skiing /boarding

 Use a whirlybird to reach untouched terrains. Well, heli-skiing can be quite technical but allows you to get a hang of the sport and makes you relish some of the most coveted natural delights—especially if you happen to be a snowboarder or an advanced skier! Heli-skiing /boarding is banned across Europe but is extremely popular in some destinations of New Zealand and North America. Alaska’s Chugach Mountains attract heli-skiers from all across the globe and tantalize them with the deepest, softest powder. This sport has been largely inspired by the ritualistic land divers of Vanuatu—where diving off a steep ledge (while being attached to a safety cord) was made famous by AJ Hackett—a Kiwi entrepreneur. (image by davelee_789).

Mosaic Globe - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Heli-skiing that are Indeed worth a Try

Macau Tower owned by Hackett has the world’s highest and most popular commercial jump point. However, the more original and popular Kawarau Bridge Bungee in Queenstown as well as the Victoria Falls Bungee in Zambia are far more scenic. Extreme ironing, zorbing, ice climbing, white river rafting, dune bashing ….. the list of extreme sports in our modern world is indeed endless!


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Feature image by Bryan Adams



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