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Posted by on Mar 12, 2017 in Travel Destinations, Travel Europe, Travel Spain |

Fun things to do in Barcelona and Saving Tips

Fun things to do in Barcelona and Saving Tips

Barcelona is a city in Spain where you can probably find something to do at any time, any day, anywhere.  The thing is that normally, as it is one of the most touristic city of Europe, it is not simple to find cheap activities and places to go, even some parts of the Guell’s Park are payable now. Thanks to OK Apartment, the specialists of Barcelona, we wanted to share our list of funny things to do around the city and how to save some pennies having the most of your day. If you’re interested you can keep reading below:

Saving tips:

So here you have a nice list of alternative activities to do in Barcelona, avoiding the typical touristic routes and its elevated costs. As to get the most of the city without having to sell a kidney, I personally recommend avoiding hotels here in Barcelona, as they have (in the majority) excessive rates. There is a nice local company, OK Apartment Barcelona, which has a nice offer of holiday rentals . Also, they share a lot of information about what’s going on in this city, from where I bring you this selection: This is a selection of the top 5 free activities to do in Barcelona.


Once a year, in spring, Barcelona celebrates the Nit dels Museums. From 7:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m., numerous museums throughout the city open their doors free of charge. Regardless of this day, many museums open free every Sunday afternoon. In addition, throughout the year the city hosts several free exhibitions in different cultural centers. If you want your visit to the museums is cheaper or even free, we recommend that you make tourist cards such as Barcelona Card or Artticket, the latter specializing in museums of contemporary art.

If you like to walk and nature, this plan is for you. Montjuïc is located in a strategic enclave of Barcelona and easily accessible. You can climb from the Plaza de España and see monuments like the Venetian Towers or the Montjüic Columns. Although during the climb you will find the Poble Espanyol which is payable, later you will see the Olympic City, where you can find free tourist attractions like the Olympic Ring or the Olympic Stadium. There are also numerous gardens and woods. Further on there are picnic areas and a beautiful viewpoint from which the whole city can be seen. It is advisable to stay to watch the sunset and go down the same road to see the Magic Light illuminate at night. It is an excellent place for sports and enjoy the outdoors.

The parks and green areas of Barcelona allow you to come into contact with nature and vegetation without leaving the big city and are an oasis of relaxation and fun for all ages. La Ciutadella is a park of great interest and beauty, located very close to the Arc of Triumph and the Zoo of Barcelona. In Plaza de España you will find the Parc de Joan Miró or Parc del Escorxador, a park that includes a work by the sculptor Miró, as well as a library. Within Montjüic you will find numerous parks such as the Joan Maragall Gardens or the Gardens of the Font del Gat. The list of parks in Barcelona is very wide and offers very interesting tours.

La Boquería is the most touristic market in Barcelona. In addition to those who come to buy food, this enclave brings together photographers and tourists, called for the singularity and the picturesque appeal of the market, located in full Ramblas. On the other hand, Pi Square hosts its Fira Artesana where you can find homemade products such as cakes, cheeses and honeys. The Sant Antoni Market, although currently under construction, is also worth visiting, especially on Sunday mornings, when traditional food and textile stands are joined by books, games and other entertainment. It is easy to find very old articles and interesting for collectors and curious. You can also visit the Mercat dels Encants, the market of Plaça de Sant Josep, Mercat de Santa Caterina, etc. There are many other markets to see and walk in addition to shopping.

Fun thing to do:

Give yourself a relaxing bath…in wine! The Spaniards love their wine and the Catalans as well. So much so that you will of course find an emerging trend in Wine Therapy. Although this sounds to the term that an alcoholic would use to have the excuse of drinking wine, in Barcelona is something real, at least in the Aqua Urban Spa in Gran de Gracia, 7 (in the northern part of the city).

A wine therapy session at this spa includes a full body mask made with grape seeds, a wine bath, a shower, and then the application of a wine serum on your pretty face. Apparently it is good for the skin. Cheers!

The Chocolate Museum in Barcelona

The Chocolate Museum in Barcelona

Still in need of some relaxation…. why not a chocolate massage? As with wine, there is love for chocolate in Catalan culture. Among many Museums in Spain, this becomes apparent when you see that there is a whole museum dedicated to this food. The Chocolate Museum in Barcelona, which provides visitors with a glimpse into the history of this luxury goods. You can participate there in experiences like tasting chocolate and, again, wine.

And then do not forget to stop in a center like the KB Centers where they will cover you with hot chocolate and you will make a massage of the most relaxing, in a treatment totally personalized and adapted to your skin. Apparently the chocolate is full of antioxidants good for your skin!

Look like Superman thanks to the Flyboard of Barcelona: Everyone has thought or dreamed of being able to fly at some point. If you are in Barcelona, you can experience the thrill of flying with a unique water activity called FlyBoard. Rise above the sea with this unique device or dive under the surface and navigate like a dolphin. It is a relatively new activity, but has already taken over the city. Be sure to visit the official website of the Flyboard Club Barcelona where you can find more information about this sport and reserve your place for a session.

Feel like a real Spaniard with the Jamon Experience: Yes ladies and gentlemen. It was a matter of time for Barcelona to have its own ham museum. If you like Iberian ham and have always been curious about the process of preparing the typical Spanish dish par excellence, I recommend you to approach Las Ramblas 88 – 94 | Metro Liceu (L3 – green) and visit the Ham Experience.

The Experience consists of an audiovisual tour in which you will discover the secrets of the Ham process and a tasting of 6 Iberian hams cut by a professional, accompanied by wine, cava or beer. In addition there is also a huge store where you can find all kinds of products related to the Iberian delight.

The less you see, the better it tastes! There are two unique culinary experiences based on blindfolding to perform in Barcelona. A cooking school in Barcelona has moved away from conventional cooking classes. Espai Boisa in Barcelona offers cooking classes with closed eyes in which you have to rely on the advice of an expert and your co-worker who have to keep their hands on the apron all the time.

It is ideal for friends or for companies that want to carry out group activities. The classes are offered in English, Spanish and Catalan, so you need to know one of these three languages ​​to participate. If you are reading this, you can do it. If you prefer to eat other people’s food, you’ll want to visit the Dans Le Noir restaurant, where you can do whatever you want except look at the food in front of you. You will be forced to use your sense of smell and taste to experience food. It’s a unique taste-focused experience where even the bartenders are blind.

You always learn something new in Barcelona… It sounds a little morbid, and maybe it is, because the Museum of the Funeral Carriages (or Museu de Carrosses Funebres) is exactly what it says on its plate. If that was not creepy enough, someone decided it was a good idea to put full-size mannequins dressed in costumes to ride the carriage according to the historical period. But do not worry, nobody is going to make you pay for the experience you can visit this collection for free. It is conveniently located near Montjuïc, Barcelona’s main museum.

In Barcelona there are numerous outdoor activities of various kinds: cinema, theater, concerts, popular festivals, etc. For example, moviegoers can enjoy, especially in summer, outdoor cinema in various neighborhoods of Barcelona. There are also concerts and shows to enjoy theater, dance and free music in the streets. Depending on the date, you can also find numerous popular festivals in the neighborhoods of Barcelona.


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