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Posted by on Jan 1, 2014 in Uncategorized | 1 comment

Hiring the Best Professional Removalists in Perth

Hiring the Best Professional Removalists in Perth

Moving day is one of the most memorable experiences a person can have, but usually for all the wrong reasons. The way to make sure that moving day is the least stressful of the days leading up to it, is to contact a reputable removalist company to handle the move for you. Fragile Removal and Storage is one such company. They will move a business or household anywhere in the Perth area, and even interstate to Brisbane or Melbourne.

Any moving company one chooses should be a long-standing member of AFRA. This is the Australian Furniture Removers Association. AFRA regulates the industry and holds removalists to the highest standard possible. Fragile Removal and Storage is a proud member of AFRA.

It is worth pointing out that the word, storage, is included in the company name. This is because they will not only move furniture and precious belongings to new homes or business buildings, but if necessary, will also place everything in storage for the customer.

These professionals offer high quality service along with competitive prices, and a free estimate is offered to the customer. This assists in helping them to choose the right removalists in Perth for when they are ready to move.

These particular removalists in Perth pack the belongings, move them, and unpack them for the customer. They leave no packing mess behind. While the efficiency of Fragile Removal and Storage makes moving day a breeze, there are things their customers can do to aid in the process. In fact, on Fragile’s website, there is a printable list the customer may use to check and make sure that all pertinent agencies, businesses, and people have been notified of the upcoming move.

A few of the precautions customers may take to help the move be smooth are as follows: They should make sure to remove the lights from all lamps and store those separately. Appliances must be clean and dry. The racks and drawers need also be packed separately.

Boxes should be labeled on both the sides and tops. If the boxes are also marked with which room they are designated for, the Fragile Removals in Perth will make sure that each box goes into the corresponding room. Packing should begin in the weeks and months before the move. Items that are least used should be the first packed, with the items used most being packed as close to moving day as possible.( Photo: Peter Morris )


Customers should know that many removalists in Perth make grand claims about fixing or replacing items they break or damage. However, many companies making these bold statements are not actually liable for damages. Too often, a customer will be left with damaged goods and no recourse for financial compensation. Only companies that are members of AFRA have the authority to provide any advice regarding finances or insurance. Any other removalists in Perth will only be offering empty talk.

Anyone considering a move should feel free to visit the website for Fragile Moving and Storage to see if they may be a good choice for their move. Even if different removalists in Perth are chosen, their website contains a wealth of information and numerous tips to help make moving day memorable for all the right reasons.

Featured photo by: Peter Morris

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  1. Very nice blog, Moving day is one of the most memorable experiences a person can have.Thanks for sharing

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