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Posted by on Jan 31, 2017 in Travel Resources, Travel Tips |

How to Keep Your Web-Based Business Up and Running While You’re Traveling

How to Keep Your Web-Based Business Up and Running While You’re Traveling

Whether you’re a CEO that’s constantly on-the-go or a solopreneur in charge of the company blog, there’s nothing like a bit of rest and relaxation to get away from your workload.

The benefits of travel, especially for the busiest of workers, are well-documented. That being said, it’s difficult to truly enjoy your vacation plans if you’re constantly stressing out about your website and its performance while you’re gone.

What if a launch goes wrong? What if something breaks on the backend? What if I’m losing out on leads?

Relax. It’ll be fine. That is, if you take the time to properly plan and prepare.

Rather than endure a snafu while you’re away from the office, set yourself and your respective team up for success regardless of where you’re at. The following tips are ideal if you’re a content manager that’s constantly traveling; however, they’re fair game regardless of where you’re headed.

Keep Track of Your Analytics

Perhaps the most practical step you can take while you’re on-the-go is taking a few minutes per day to check on your analytics.

Even if you’re primarily without Internet during your travels (think: road trips with dead zones or during flights), chances are you can pick up on wi-fi hotspots every now and then. Beyond Google Analytics, it doesn’t take long to run a quick SEO analysis report to make sure everything with your site is running smoothly.

Whether from the comfort of your hotel, airport or a local coffee shop, a quick report won’t eat into your vacation while still providing you with peace of mind.

Have Some Help On Deck

Either through a dedicated virtual assistant or trustworthy content writer, you can leave the legwork of managing your blog to someone else while you’re gone.

As long as you have crystal clear instructions and feel that whoever you leave in charge has your best interest at heart, content production doesn’t have to stagnate just because you’re away from the office. Platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork are prime for hiring such assistants; likewise, you can simply pass off your content duties to someone else in the interim.

Stay in Touch With Your Team

There are a number of apps out there which can help you keep in touch with your team in case of an emergency or if there’s something you forgot to tell them before you left home.

For example, you can insert or edit content instructions via Google Docs or Trello in a matter of seconds if you’re stuck with a spotty Internet connection. Additionally, a quick Skype call might be necessary if you have to explain more elaborate specifics.

Plan Ahead

Finally, it never hurts to have a backup plan in place. While it requires some initial preparation to queue up posts via WordPress or automate your marketing emails, you can go out of town knowing which content is being posted accordingly without having to worry about someone else potentially screwing up your launch. If you run a small operation or don’t have a dedicated team to help manage your content, having a queue of backup content is ideal.

Going on vacation doesn’t mean putting your site or blog on hold. Instead, take the time to prepare and have the tools in your toolbox to ensure that your on-site content doesn’t miss a beat.

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