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Posted by on Aug 7, 2017 in Travel USA |

Inside Orlando: Where to Stay

Inside Orlando: Where to Stay

Orlando has an amazing array of attractions, most obviously Universal Studios Florida – and that’s before we even consider how nearby the Walt Disney World Resort is. The broad variety of exciting things to do in Orlando makes a lengthy stay there appealing.

However, if you are indeed intent on staying in Orlando for a series of nights, you have many options to narrow down when it comes to choosing accommodation. There are plenty of great options in the area, and which of them you should plump for can depend on your own interests. Below are some of our own favourite accommodation spots and what exactly makes them especially attractive.

Rosen Inn at Pointe Orlando

International Drive is a part of Orlando where the hotels are especially worth considering. Christopher Elliott, a consumer advocate, has observed in words published by Visit Orlando: “International Drive is undergoing a renaissance right now. It’s now the place where you can get great nightlife, dining and entertainment.”

He cited the biggest benefit of an International Drive stay as being between major theme parks, among them SeaWorld Orlando. One great choice along International Drive is the Rosen Inn at Pointe Orlando. This hotel comprises six high-rise buildings across which are more than a thousand rooms. A mere five-minute distance separates the hotel from Discovery Cove.

The site also has a trio of appealing swimming pools, the areas of which feature gorgeous landscaped gardens. It’s all wonderfully conducive to relaxation – and a great place at which to regularly stop between theme park visits.
On the subject of theme parks, the hotel also provides shuttle travel to those – but given the on-site games room and sports bar, you could find yourself more distracted by the hotel’s facilities than you had originally anticipated! Don’t allow it to throw your schedule off-course…

Disney Area Ultimate Villas

If you are mulling over the idea of staying in Orlando, then the biggest reason why could be the proximity of Walt Disney World. Certainly, with Orlando as your base, you wouldn’t need to spend too much of your time travelling to and from Walt’s world. That’s bound to be a relief if you have kids who are prone to asking the dreaded “Are we there yet?”

However, the usual advantages of renting Orlando accommodation can be added to when you choose one of the Disney Area Ultimate Villas. These are included in the choice of Orlando villas possible to book through the UK-based tour operator Ocean Florida. With an Ultimate Villa, you will never be over a 25-minute road journey away from Walt Disney World’s entrance.

Still, while there are many different Disney Area villas available, the Ultimate Villas are extra-special. This is because they enable an entirely luxurious experience. For example, a high number of guests can simultaneously stay in an Ultimate Villa, which will also feature plush furnishings, sophisticated technology and private swimming pools.

Calabay Parc

If you are kind of person who enjoys getting close to nature, then it’s easy for us to recommend Calabay Parc – another Orlando villa that Ocean Florida enables UK residents to book. The surroundings are beautiful, consisting largely of orange groves and pine trees.

Furthermore, behind the community is a conservation area affording views of a forest, not to mention wildlife that is native to Florida. Before you even depart the villa, however, you could still find plenty to like – including a private pool. It’s ideal for getting some laps in here and there…

Also, there is a huge range of useful amenities right on the doorstep – including a supermarket, such major retail spots as Ridge-View Plaza and Berry Town Centre, and plentiful restaurants. Staying in this villa can leave you feeling like Florida really is your home; that’s how laidback the setting is.

On top of all of that, whether you want to visit Universal Studios Florida or the Walt Disney World Resort, only a short drive is necessary for reaching either attraction from Calabay Parc. Ever wondered how amazing it would feel to live near two of the world’s most exciting cultural attractions? You can look forward to finding out after you have booked a stint at this villa.

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