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Islands and Cruises that Make your Honeymoon Memorable

Islands and Cruises that Make your Honeymoon Memorable

Honeymoons are vacations that have always brought a smile on the face of tour operators, hoteliers and those looking forward to some very pleasant moments of solitude and romance. After taking the nuptial vows and bidding goodbye to their guests, newlyweds yearn to be in each other’s company –far from the maddening crowds and those who matter the least. These cruises and islands are bound to make honeymooners revel in their relationship and enjoy their precious days of togetherness –in many more ways than one.

Corsican Liberty

Located of the southeastern coastline of France, Corsica manages to bring out the best of the most subdued hearts. With dramatically craggy flora-laced mountain peaks, marine life abundant oceans and skies splattered with wispy cotton balls to its credit, Corsica acts as the perfect fairy- tale getaway for honeymooners looking for an idyllic destination. (image by LIFE BB).

Mosaic Globe - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Corsica your Honeymoon Memorable

Natural Maui

Here, those on a honeymoon can very well toss their guidebooks and explore the turns, twists and picturesque vistas of the 34-mile Hana Highway of Maui. Gear up to leave behind your footprints on long stretches of black-sand beaches; savor the delights of short nature walks in the tranquil environs of virgin tropical forests; hug and steal kisses by the waters of a freshwater pool fed by a gentle waterfall—there is a lot to do and see in the blissful terrains of Maui.

Burgh Island

Head for South Devon’s tidal Burgh Island—a great destination that lures honeymooners and couples from far and beyond. Jumping straight out of classic English adventure tales, the various coves and caves remind visitors of the description of Noël Coward and Agatha Christie. The white Burgh Island Hotel, a glorious and only place worth staying in the region, gleams with mirrors, generous suites, nostalgic Art Deco palatial architectural wonders, long cocktail hours and much more –you simply have you experience this location to believe that a place like this exists on Earth.

Forget the World on Frégate Island

If you have ever nurtured a Cast Away fantasy then it’s time to act out the same. This exotic 740-acre private island tucked near the seacoasts of Seychelles boasts of a stunning resort of 16 villas—well appointed with Jacuzzis, outdoor showers, and daybeds. At Frégate Island, you will never find more than 40 clients at a given point of time –ensuring the highest levels of privacy and relaxed fun for you both. On this tranquil island, it’s just about you and her; the lapping of gentle waters against the shores; refreshing drinks,; delectable regional cuisines and many moments steeped in romance. You will certainly love it!

Virgin St. John

Pristine shorelines that stretch for miles together, low population and scenic landscapes untouched by commercialization and lots of urban pleasures welcome you to St. John. With Two-thirds of its land being a nature preserve, this island boasts of distinctive low-key luxury. So, prep yourself for snorkeling in the underwater trails of Trunk Bay; hours of sun bathing on white-sandy beaches and trekking over velvety mountaintops—this is a place where you would love to be left alone, forever! (image by Scott Coleman).

Mosaic Globe - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Virgin St. John Make your Honeymoon Memorable


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Feature image by Banasura Hill Resort


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