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Posted by on Jan 14, 2014 in Only The Best, Travel Destinations, Travel UK |

Motorhoming Around Cornwall

Motorhoming Around Cornwall

You may love motorhoming but before you set off you will probably want to know a few things including:

  • that your chosen destination area is going to have plenty of things to keep you and perhaps your family occupied;
  • once there, you’re going to be able to find a site that offers excellent facilities.

Many owners of campervans and motorhomes will have had the experience of, shall we say, less than satisfactory camping and caravanning sites. Although you can always move on, it’s something that can spoil parts of a holiday if you get it wrong.

Let’s look at the two issues in the context of a visit to Cornwall. ( Image by mark1958)

cornwall sunset

Places to see and things to do

Cornwall has been a popular holiday destination for a very long time.  It hasn’t become so by offering visitors little to see and do once you get there!

Little is more enjoyable than meandering around the coastline of Cornwall exploring many of its historic towns and fishing villages.

Many entire books have been written about touring in Cornwall and a brief article just won’t do justice to all of its attractions.  However, you can find a vast range of experience from the rugged ocean splendours of say the Lizard or Land’s End up to the quiet sophistication and charm of towns such as Falmouth or Padstow.

What’s great about motorhoming in Cornwall is that within a relatively short distance you can encounter such completely different holiday experiences.

For example, inland on the famous Bodmin Moor, you’ll encounter a unique, rugged and perhaps even at certain times of the year, desolate and prehistoric countryside.  Its natural beauty is breath-taking and has to be seen to be believed.

Yet a relatively short drive away and you will find the chic sophistication and great beaches of a town like St. Ives.

The key message is that from one end of this county to the other there is a vast amount of history, countryside, coastal recreation and culture to explore.  You can be sure that you’re not going to be at a loss for things to do!

Camping sites

Whatever might be the case in other parts of the United Kingdom, the provision of excellent facilities for mobile visitors is taken very seriously in Cornwall.

Nobody is saying for a moment that every single site has the same exemplary facilities. By definition, some are going to be better than others and it is always just common sense to look carefully at what a site is offering before you decide to add it as a destination.

Yet take, as an example, campervan holidays in Cornwall at Perran Springs Holiday Park*.

First of all, the facilities here are excellent and ultra-modern.

Secondly, there is a wide range of on-site attractions including angling.

The park is also located close to a number of major tourist attractions including the globally-famous Eden project.  It has also won awards for its environmental conservation activities.

What is highly advisable is that if you wish to be sure of getting into some of the very best of Cornwall’s motorhome parking sites, it will be highly advisable to book ahead – particularly if you are talking about the peak summer period of July and August.

Of course, roads in the county can become busy during the height of the season and particularly at weekends.  If you can plan your visit outside of those relatively few peak weeks in the summer, you’ll be almost guaranteed quiet open roads.

So, it is Cornwall for you?  Only you can really decide that but it certainly should be!

The Perran Springs Holiday Park is in Goonhavern, Truro, Cornwall, TR49QG.

Featured Image by crowmogh

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