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Posted by on Oct 28, 2017 in Travel Asia, Travel Destinations, Travel Vietnam |

Phan Thiet city guide

Phan Thiet city guide

The town of Phan Thiet, is basically a beach destination, and the principal economic as well as cultural centre of the Binh Thuan province of Vietnam. Located about 200 km away from  Ho Chi Minh city, this once traditional fishing outpost is rapidly becoming a major gateway for travellers looking for peace and relaxation.

Though the fishing community still retains its ancient culture, the long golden beaches offer many opportunities to hike, jog and witness the stunning sunsets. Phan Thiet, is known more for the huge quantity of fish sauce they manufacture, which happens to be a great delicacy amongst the locals. This guide will explain how to go about spending your time in Phan Thiet in the best possible way.

Relish the Cuisine

Since Phan Thiet is situated on the sea, seafood is the staple provided in most dining outlets. The notable dishes include, fish cake noodle, duck noodle, pancake among others. The special characteristics of all these dishes is the mild sweetness present in them, which is not found elsewhere.

Spend time at Mui Ne

This popular tourist attraction, lies barely 22 km from the city centre of Phan Thiet, and has a coastal landscape without equal. Miles of golden sands and emerald green waters of the sea, is a true gift of God to the people of this region.

Mui Ne Bay

Mui Ne’s importance, apart from the beaches, lies in diverse variety of historic and cultural relics which can be found here. This heaven of peace and tranquillity has seen a rapid rise in tourist infrastructure over the years, to compete with the best anywhere in Vietnam.

Getting into Phan Thiet

Assuming your initial port of call is either Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi, there are convenient ways to get to Phan Thiet or Mui Ne. It is ideal to add Dalat and Danag to your itinerary if you have time. One thing to consider is the trip duration which cal last up to four hours or even more for other popular places. Hiring a taxi long distance can become quite uneconomical in such cases, though taxis are readily available.

It becomes, therefore, imperative to pre-book a transfer in Vietnam, than anywhere else, simply because your trip can be made much cheaper and comfortable. If you hire a car from KiwiTaxi, you can be rest assured your travel woes are over. The well-trained and efficient staff of KiwiTaxi will take well care of from the time of arrival till the trip is over.


Though Phan Thiet is known as a resort town, the one hotel which has brought fame to this place is the legendary Coco Beach Resort. It was the first resort established here in 1995, set up with 34 rooms, all facing the sea. Another recommended hotel for visitors is the Phu Hai Resort, located on a secluded beach, away from the crowds. The private beach provides excellent options for romantic couples and those seeking a relaxing atmosphere.

Phan Thiet is steeped deep in history. Even though tourism enjoys centre stage, the remnants of a once thriving fishing community can still be seen in the colorful boats lining up the harbour. A visit to Phan Thiet is a must for those planning to visit Vietnam.

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