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Posted by on Nov 14, 2014 in Accommodations, Food and Travel, Money and Travel, Resorts and Hotels, Transportation, Travel UK |

Secrets of the Hotel Industry – The Bed!

Secrets of the Hotel Industry – The Bed!

Everyone in the hotel industry knows how important a hotel bed is and the impact it has on a customer’s perception of the hotel. Too hard, too bumpy, too soft, or too uncomfortable – there’s a whole range of problems that go with beds and cause all sorts of problems.

We all know how bad we feel after a bad night’s sleep and how amazing we feel after the opposite and hotels need to provide the former. In addition, hotel beds and hotel mattresses have to be the best quality possible so as to withstand the wear and tear that they have to undergo. In fact, the sort of beds a hotel purchases is one of the biggest decisions they make. It’s simple as this – a good night’s sleep for customers, gives a hotel a significant advantage over the opposing hotels.

Hotels are Different but the Same

However, an interesting thing is that a lot of the beds in hotels are actually made by the same companies and the bed you lie in during a stay in a £500 a night stay, may be the same one as you lie on in a budget hotel such as Premier Inn. These bed makers take care of the good, the bad and the ugly with the same beds.

It’s the same sleeping experience, but just for a lot less. However, the argument that the more expensive hotels would put is that the cheaper hotels offer in superior soundproofing, duvets, materials and a worse overall sleeping experience – however they would say that wouldn’t they.

So, what separates a good bed from a cheap one, well we asked the folks at eSupasaver – a up and coming UK bed and headboard company who supply beds to the private buyer as well as arrange of industries.

The Mattress

They told us that though a typical mattress may contain anything from 250 springs or more, high quality ones can have up to 5000 springs. In addition, more expensive ones also contain springs in their own envelopes as well as a range of different high quality materials.

Add to this high quality duvets, bed spreads, dark rooms thanks to high quality blinds and curtains and soundproofing and you realise that a good night’s rest isn’t easily achieved or cheap for that matter.

The breathability of the mattress is very important according to eSupasaver and cashmere and angora wool are both very popular in the higher end of the market due to this. This prevents sweating in the bed and facilitates a better night’s sleep – something hotels really wish to push as its part of their main allure.


Good beds are not cheap however and can cost thousands of pounds and when you add in the mattress you could be talking a five figure fee – a long way from the low prices people would expect. However, as we spend a large proportion of our lives in our beds it’s worthwhile and can be a very important for our wellbeing and health.

So, now you know how hotels choose their mattresses and their beds – it’s not as simple as you think.


Featured Courtesy by LeMeridien Hotels and Resorts

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