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Posted by on May 12, 2015 in Travel Destinations, Travel North America, Travel USA, World Culture and History |

Soaking Up the Culture of Vegas

Soaking Up the Culture of Vegas

Feel like a spot of culture? Want the heat of the desert and a good helping of spectacle and drama? Then why not head for Las Vegas, the glittering city in Nevada where the lights never go out.

It may not seem an obvious choice for a vacation steeped in culture, but Las Vegas isn’t all bling and neon – scratch the surface and you’ll find the kind of hidden gems that will satisfy even the most world-weary traveler. Yes, there are enough casinos lined up along The Strip to keep the keenest high rollers happy, but gambling here isn’t compulsory. If you want to step away from the roulette wheel, other cultural gems await your attention. 


Amazing art

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Las Vegas delivers the goods when it comes to art. Whatever you want to see, whether it’s impressionists, grand masters or modernist works – you’ll find it here. Modern art buffs should take a peek at the University of Las Vegas campus to check out the exhibits at the Marjorie Barrick Museum.  Or for a completely different experience, go to The Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art at The Bellagio Hotel and Casino, 3600 Las Vegas Boulevard South. There are exhibits here by famous artists such as Monet, Picasso and Warhol that will leave you in awe. The Bellagio resort which houses the gallery is famous for its elegant accommodation and the high level of comfort and luxury that Las Vegas trippers adore.  Don’t miss the free dancing fountains on the lake, set to music and lights – it’s a magical spectacle so typical of this glitzy town.

Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art

Unique world

If you like your accommodation and entertainment to take your breath away, stay at the amazing Wynn Las Vegas resort, the latest vision of the city’s most famous and successful mogul, Stephen Wynn. At The Wynn Las Vegas, you can marvel at a man made mountain studded with pines and tumbling waterfalls and enter into the heart of the mountain to discover amazing facilities such as 2,700 luxurious hotel rooms and a casino with over fifty floors. If that wasn’t enough, there are also 18 restaurants, a golf course and much more. With his upscale vision and taste for higher cultural diversions, Wynn is credited with re-inventing Las Vegas as a quality destination, pushing it from cheesy to charming with his elegant and inspired resorts.


Change of pace

When all the lights and noise gets too much, head out of town for fifteen minutes to The Springs Preserve. This 180 acre site tells the story of the history and future of Las Vegas by way of exhibits, art galleries, gardens and more. Open all year round, this quiet place away from the buzz of Vegas is a good family day out for those interested in looking beyond the razzmatazz.

The Springs Preserve vegas

Different light

Finally, if you want to run with the hipsters, head for Fremont Street, east of the Boulevard for a trip to The Neon Boneyard, the place where old Strip signs go to die. Las Vegas has been host to so many bright and beautifully lit up signs in its time and this museum pays homage to the artistry and design of many of these iconic pieces. Although the lights no longer burn brightly, you can take a guided tour around this outdoor collection for a real sense of the city’s past through it’s signature lighting. Make time to explore while in this part of town – with its cool bars, clubs and restaurants, it offers an enjoyable contrast in pace and style to The Strip.


Yes, a trip to Vegas will probably mean casino visits, a pool party, plenty of top entertainment and lots of fantastic food and drink. However, you really hit the jackpot when you season that rich fare with a good helping of Las Vegas culture for a totally rounded and satisfying stay.


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Image credits by order:   Moyan BrennsprusakMike Murray

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