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Posted by on Mar 23, 2013 in Outdoor Nature Travel, Travel Africa, Travel Destinations, Travel Kenya, Travel Morocco, Travel South Africa, Travel Style, Travel Tanzania, Travel Uganda | 1 comment

The 5 Greatest Hiking Trails in Africa.

The 5 Greatest Hiking Trails in Africa.

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Hiking is a popular activity for those who love the outdoors. It is Africa’s highest peak. It is filled with activity and requires energy because of its strenuous nature. It involves walking in paths or trails on the environment of the hiking spot to reduce the damage to their natural settings. Below are some of Africa’s best spots.

Mount Kilimanjaro-Tanzania.
This is the most popular spot in Africa when it comes to hiking. More than 20,000 hikers attempt to go to its peaks annually. Trekkers endure 5 different climatic conditions as they reach its peaks. Its routes have variations in how easy or burdensome, number of hikers and natural scenery.ה

Easier routes are the Marangu and rongai whilst the difficult ones are the Shira and Limosho. It has been observed that the lengthy routes offer harder hiking conditions but hikers are better off because they adapt to the climatic conditions making it quicker for them to reach its peaks. It costs a single person between $2500 and $500 for a typical trek.

Mount Kenya-in Kenya.
It is second in Africa in terms of height with specialized climbing required to reach its highest peaks called Batian and Nelion. These 2 are a staggering 5200 meters and 5188 meters respectively. Its third peak known as Lenana is 4985 meters and this is the favorite peak to trekkers. It costs each person around $850 on their way up based on the choice of route taken.

The nights are extremely cold whilst the days are hot making it necessary to adapt to this on the first day. The mountain has 8 routed for hiking namely Meru, chogoria, Kamweti, Naro moru, Burguret, Sirimon and timau. The most popular of these are the Chogoria, Naro Moru and Sirimon where there are gates leading to them. The other routes can only be used upon receiving authorization from the country’s wildlife authority. Hiking equipment is available for hire as is the service of guides, cooks and porters. Hikers are treated to nature’s scenery as they go up which include elephants and buffalo.

Drakensberg-South Africa.
These mountain ranges offer great hiking experiences that run along its foot hills. Hikers are treated to nature’s scenery which includes 6 rivers, ancient caves, water falls and pools of rocks along its trails. Some of the favorite trails for hikers include the Mnweni circuit, Giant’s hut and the Giant’s cup trail.

Choosing the Mnweni circuit offers hikers a challenging experience and once at the top they are caves that are available to spend the night. The giant’s cup trail is most popular of the three and usually takes 5 days to complete.

Atlas mountains-Morocco.
This is North Africa’s highest with Jebel Toubkal being its highest peak at 4167 meters. A trek here is possible in one day but to enjoy the scenery and make the most out of this experience it is recommended to spend 3. These mountains take up a lot of territory offering many trails and chances to meet the Berbers who are indigenous people in these areas.

Mt Elgon-Kenya/Uganda.
This is a mountain that sits partly in both these two countries. It is a
VolcanicMountain that is extinct with two peaks in each country.
The Wagagai peak is 4321 meters in Uganda whilst the Sudek is 4302 meters in Kenya. Hikers can choose from several trails and have the option of hiring equipment. It is recommended to take at least 5 days on this mountain.

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  1. This is awesome. I have been in Africa but on those place. oh.. next time 🙂


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