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The Beauty of Mexico City

The Beauty of Mexico City

Mexico City, the country’s center of cultural, financial, political and educational and its largest city. In North America, it is considered as an “alpha” global city due to its role as the center of financial world. Visiting Mexico City could give you a lot of different experience and sometimes, it can even change your perspectives toward other country and culture. Mexico City is both wonderful and unique at the same time. A place where you get to discover the beauty that it hides for a long time.

There are a few places you can visit to whenever you are in the Mexico City :

Plaza de la Constitucion – That’s the official name. Locals call this square as Zocalo and it’s definitely the heart of Mexico City. Zocalo is bordered by grand colonnaded buildings and the Palacio Nacional. If you are looking for beautiful sceneries to be captured, this is the place where you want to use your camera. You’ll be able to see street vendors selling everything from kitsch collectables with beautiful face of Frida Kahlo to the famous tacos, alongside the Metropolitan Cathedral. Various religious events and parades take place at Zocalo every now and then and the place is all cluttered with people of different background and nationalities. (Image by gib_l)

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Tenochhitlan – To the north-east of the Zocalo square, you’ll get to see the remains of the legendary Tenochtitlan, an Aztec city. In 1978, a local electrical company’s maintenance men discovered a huge stone disc of around 3.25 metres in diameter with a figure engraved on it. It turned out that it was Coyolxauhqui, the goddes of Moon of the Aztec people. Today, the terrific museum of Templo Mayor is a must-see for every traveler.

House of Blue Tiles – Back in the 18th century, it was a palace before it turns into a home of the restaurant chain of Sanborn. Casa de los Azulejos is a place where you get to enjoy quesadillas and tortilla soup under the breathtaking murals by Pacologue and Orozco.

Metropolitan Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary – If you are looking for that old sinking feeling, Catedral Metropolitana is the place you want to visit. The church is simply amazing and what makes it more notable is because it has dropping water table, where the residents of the city and tourists alike get the chance to drink away literally the ground from beneath their feet. However, the whole structure of the Catedral Metropolitana is condemned to a slow collapse.

Murals in Mexico City – The legendary Mexican artist Diego Rivera’s murals can be toured by all tourists during their visits. You don’t want to go back to your home country without a tour of the Rivera’s murals. The most famous is perhap the murals in the Palacio Nacional on the history of Mexico. If you are looking something cheeky but enchanting, the Dream of Sunday Afternoon mural in the Alameda Park is your answer.

Frida Kahlo Museum – The La Casa Azul Museo Firda Kahlo is in just a modest size but uniquely presented in its Mexican way. It is also known as the Blue House where you get the opportunity to appreciate her most distinctive aesthetic. You don’t need to be the lover of arts to appreciate her most famous painting, Las Dos Fridas, because even without all the knowledge in arts, you should be able to know why Museo del Arte Moderno is always cluttered with visitors who want to witness Frida Kahlo’s masterpieces. (Image by kukkaibkk)

Mosaic Globe Where all travel pieces come together travel the World RTW family travel with kids budget travel - The Beauty of Mexico City

Mexico City is definitely a place full of its one-of-a-kind history and rich culture. You will regret it if you never give Mexico City a visit because the city itself deserves more than just what it already has. The beauty of the city is beyond amazing and we believe that once you’re in Mexico, you’ll never want to leave the country.


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