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Posted by on May 23, 2016 in Accommodations, Transportation, Travel Europe, Travel Resources, Travel Scotland, Travel Tips |

The Edinburgh Experience

The Edinburgh Experience


This is an account of my Edinburgh experience – yes, that is what I am calling it because it was unique to Edinburgh! As soon as I had received clearance from my boss for a vacation, I knew my destination was going to be Edinburgh. The first thing I had to do was find the cheapest and best deals for my flight to the place. Once I had booked a flight, I was on to the next thing on my list. It involved finding the ideal hotel to book so that I could enjoy my time in the Scottish capital. 


Having found the perfect place to vacation in, I wanted to ensure that nothing cramped my enjoyment. I did have mates in Edinburgh who would be happy to drive me around but I was taking no chances. On the off chance that they were busy or had things to do, I decided to reserve an Edinburgh taxi. Armed for all eventualities, I waited impatiently for the day of departure.

Once I arrived in Edinburgh, I was lost in its beauty. Located in the most beautiful place, Edinburgh is not just Scotland’s capital; it is also the heart of Scottish culture. I had heard it called by so many names before but none of them does justice to its splendour. People have called it Athens of the North due to the Greek-style columns that decorate Calton Hill.  I went sightseeing and it was an unforgettable experience as I stood there and enjoyed the panoramic view of the city. Right at the bottom, you can pay homage to Sir Walter Scott by visiting the Royal High School.

Another memorable site that I paid a visit to was the Edinburgh Castle. It is located in the very centre of Edinburgh. As my friends told me, the castle is actually situated in the Old Town. It sits on an extinct volcano, looking intimidating and steeped in history. Just a visit to its Great Hall is a lesson in history since Oliver Cromwell’s army used it as a garrison. Then there was the One O’clock Gun that has been fired at precisely one o’clock ever since 1861 daily!

I also sipped from the Scotch Whisky Experience, which is a visitor centre that takes you 300 years back to the history of the beverage. I had no idea that it came with an honest-to-god whisky barrel ride and a  free d drink! While there, I treated my mates to a meal at the Amber Restaurant that serves authentic Scottish cuisine. I’ll let you in on a secret, I found the restaurant through this amazing website called that lets you reserve your table. The food was amazing.

For a taste of Edinburgh’s nightlife, I browsed through this trip advisor’s website until I found the perfect place. Called, Roseleaf Bar Cafe, it welcomes visitors of all ages. It is simply a family bar that all my mates and their families were happy to be at. Remember that you will need to book a table ahead of time if you are visiting it at the weekend since it gets a little busy there.

I had an amazing time in Edinburgh. I hope you do too!

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Edinburgh from Calton Hill by Ad Meskens

Edinburgh Castle




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