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Posted by on Feb 6, 2014 in Backpacking, Travel and Health, Travel Insurance, Travel Style, Travel Tips, World Travel |

The Golden Rules For Travel Packing

The Golden Rules For Travel Packing

Alright, so you are ready to visit Thailand for a couple of weeks and you’re excited to visit some of the best places in the country? Traveling can be pretty fun depending on your plan and the circumstances. But when it comes down to travel packing, you will be tempted to just pick anything you see and throw everything into your backpack or luggage. The best part about traveling is preparing on what should be brought together with you. A simple mistake you make will turn the whole travel experience into a nightmare.

Before you commit a serious crime, we have the golden rules for travel packing that you will need to follow :

List Down What To Pack

Yes, you should list down everything you need while being away from home. This includes a couple of clothes, shoes, and toiletries, as well as all sorts of electronic devices, first aid kits, legal documents for traveling, prescription glasses or contact lenses (if you have problem with your sight), small pocket size torch and the list goes on. However, do keep in mind not to pack unneccesary things. If you are not planning on camping, take the sleeping sheet but leave the sleeping bag. If you don’t plan on climbing, why bother bring that pair of trekking boots with you? Be selective of your electronic equipments as well. Do not bring extra cameras, mobile phones and if you’re not going to use your laptop, just leave that baby at home! (Image by rocidew)

 Mosaic Globe Where all travel pieces come together travel the World RTW family travel with kids budget travel - The Golden Rules For Travel Packing

Divide The Items

Once you get everything sorted out, place them on your bed or on the floor. Then, be selective of the things you “really” need. Do not be tempted to choose the items you “think” you might need. Understand your own schedules in that particular place and be careful not to bring extra of everything. Books and travel magazines can easily be found in local bookstores, as well film or memory cards for digital cameras. Sometimes, you can even get great bargain prices for those things too! Once you’ve made your decision, put half of those things back into your closet and only pack the items you’ve decided to bring.

Double-Check Everything

Once you’ve stuffed all your things into your luggage or backpack, double-check everything and ensure that you don’t forget to bring the needed items. Other than the above, the most important things you need to bring with you are passport with the validity of minimum 6 months left, travel insurance, blood-type card, details of your next of kin, any prescriptions for medication which you require, and remember to bring a second photo ID and re-print all types of legal documents so that you have copies with you!

And The Last Rule…

Our last rule is simple. Do not ever leave your home with a full pack! Why? Because you will eventually find something interesting to buy in another country and you’ll want to bring them back for your family and friends. Besides, traveling light is better than carrying a huge load of backpack. Just be simple. (Image by Alan (merrionsq))

 Mosaic Globe Where all travel pieces come together travel the World RTW family travel with kids budget travel - The Golden Rules For Travel Packing

As long as you stick to our golden rules, you will be just fine. Traveling as a minimalist will save you a lot of time, energy and probably some money too. You will be able to experience more memorable moments and avoid being tired at all times. Remember the last rule and you’ll master the rest of the golden rules.


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