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The Most Luxurious Boot Camps on Earth

The Most Luxurious Boot Camps on Earth

Looking for luxury treatment in some of the most sought after boot camps of the world? in these exotic wellness retreats the hospitable staff will first prep you to get kicked on the butt—and then proceed to spoil you silly.

Pure Kauai, Hawaii

Gear up to use this island’s stunning natural precincts as a gymnasium– kayak excursions, rainforest, surf lessons, beach runs, hikes…fitness vacations in Pure Kauai are indeed amazing! Here, along with the other guests, you will be set up in innovatively designed villas or private cottages and then taken care of by health-minded private chefs, personal trainers, wellness practitioners, personal assistants and a vast team of intuitive healers, massage therapists and astrologists. (image by Tim Denzler).

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You may choose to indulge your days in being active or go ahead and be as mellow as you feel like –your personal trainers and sports instructors will kick you back into high gear. If you are lucky, you may find yourself in the august company of a celeb –who is probably here to shape up for an upcoming role.

Live Oak, Malibu, California

You may prefer to call it a spa—but this is a week filled with tough love. Here, nothing is optional, be it the pre-dawn wake-up call for your session of morning yoga, four hours of health and fitness classes, an everyday hike of 15-21 km (depending on your physical fitness and age) or super-strict diet (with absolutely no inkling of wheat, sugar, dairy, meat, caffeine, processed food or alcohol). As a result of these rigid regimes, everyone loses weight and feel a lot better than what they did when they first arrived in the sprawling wellness complex of Live Oak, Malibu.

The Island Experience, Ilha Grande

There is a lot more than what meets your eye at this exquisite Brazilian getaway. Along with caipirinhas and hammocks, this venue is also home to a 7 day’s program planned to de-stress and detox you to the core. Kayaking, yoga, rainforest hiking, meditation and a strict vegetarian diet—these are some of the few ingredients of this boot camp that work along with oodles of gentle encouragement and personal attention –rather than rigid and drill-sergeant discipline.

This great destination was founded by enthusiasts who had savored the delights of a seven-day hike in and around the scenic precincts of Ilha Grande and had then created this island experience for the benefit of many others. Along with facing physical adversities, this wellness camp also teaches you to beat challenges, face your limits, open up to diverse cultures and manage fears—the right way!

The Ashram, Mallorca

Here, you will find that the seasonal program is quite similar to the one offered at the ashram in California– where celebrities flock to clear their heads and lose weight. In simple words, this place can be rigorous with  a sharp wake-up call for yoga at 5.30am, 4-6 hours of strenuous hiking, afternoon kayaking, , TRX or Pilates, strength trainings, more yoga, vegetarian meals and then ….. an utterly exhausted sleep!(image by tommyferraz).

Mosaic Globe - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Ashram Mallorca Camps

The good thing about such places is that they end up making you feel lighter –in your mind and body alike.


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Feature image by James Muraguri Gichohi



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