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The Unheard City of Olomouc, Czech Republic

The Unheard City of Olomouc, Czech Republic

Thought Prague was the main city worth seeing in the Czech Republic? I headed to the brew adoring Moravia, the exuberant understudy town of Olomouc, where splendid Baroque structural engineering is euphorically unsullied by British stag parties.

For a long time now, Prague has totally commanded tourism in the Czech Republic, to such an extent that most different towns are, unjustifiably no doubt, put in the shade. Indeed Lonely Planet has changed the name of its manual for ‘Prague and the Czech Republic’, committing over a large portion of its distribution to the capital. Whisper it quietly, however Olomouc might simply be the hip new decision to go in Czech for those fatigued of Prague’s sugar-covered sights. An enthusiastic understudy town with a populace of around 100,000, Olomouc lies in focal Moravia in the eastern 50% of Czech, generally half route in the middle of Prague and Krakow.(Image by hathaway)

Mosaic Globe - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Prague's sugar-covered sights The Unheard City of Olomouc, Czech Republic

Best of the Beaten Track

Olomouc has the second biggest and second most established safeguarding zone in the Czech Republic after Prague. Most guests will end up attracted to Upper Square (Horni Namesti), which contains an abundance of building sights. The unbelievable fifteenth century extravagant Town Hall in the inside of the square with a decreasing tower offers an exceedingly unexpected cosmic clock on one side, practically totally pulverized by the Nazis and rebuilt amid Communist years to show scenes of proletarians at work to check the passing hours instead of examples of piety.

Guide For Hipster

Olomouc pays investig time simply walking around and dousing up the environment and continuously uncovers its layers, finding its charms. Its parks and botanic arrangements are well worth seeing, while an unexpected building undertaking lies in the suburbs, where an old grain storehouse has been changed over into a family house. One of draw cards of Czech is obviously its lager, and dropping into any of the innumerable bistros and bars to specimen a mix or two is an unquestionable requirement. An extraordinary day trek would be to a fabulous sentimental destroy on a slope – Helfstyn Castle – around 40km to the east of Olomouc.

Experience & Events

Olomouc and its subjects are dealt with to a four-day lager celebration at the end of each June as though they required a reason to drink brewskie. Guests can hope to be entertained by in excess of 50 musical entertainers to go with their swallowing of the foamy stuff. Additionally occurring in June, is the yearly Olomouc city festivals, in which verifiable exhibitions, conventional moving, fight re-establishments, and neighborhood music are offered for a family-arranged weekend.

Places To Stay In Olomouc

While Olomouc by and large needs great plan convenience, and particularly any sort of lodging scene, the astounding Poets’ Corner Hostel more than compensates for this. Halfway spotted, right on the edge of the old town, it is one of the best lodgings in focal Europe. Containing two apartments and four privates, all improved with sleek old fashioned wooden furniture, it is sensibly evaluated at somewhere around 10 and 15 Euro a night.(Image by Stephen)

Mosaic Globe - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Poets' Corner Hostel The Unheard City of Olomouc, Czech Republic

The closest global airplane terminal is Brno, yet essentially Prague is the best alternative with numerous goals offering modest plan flights with any semblance of Ryanair and Easyjet. The express prepare takes around 2-3 hours from Prague and runs a few times each day.


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