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Posted by on Apr 22, 2015 in Only The Best, Outdoor Nature Travel, Travel Australia, Travel Australia and New Zealand, Travel Destinations, Travel Resources, Travel Style, Travel Tips | 2 comments

The Wonders of Australia for First-Time Travelers

The Wonders of Australia for First-Time Travelers

Australia is one of the best places to visit with your family and friends. It will be a great and fun loving trip. Before you can go there, you will have to apply for a visitor visa which is valid for 3 months. Here are some of the best spots to visit in the country of kangaroos before you head to the beautiful Australia:

Kakadu National Park :

The best spot in Australia to enjoy the beautiful sunset. You will see different wildlife animals in this park. Kangaroos and crocodiles can be found everywhere in the park. Aboriginal artwork also attracts most of the tourists in this park. Rock drawings which were made 2000 years before can also be found in this park.

Kata Tjuta :

It is the best natural beauty in Australia and the list of best spots in Australia can’t be completed without it. The rock looks more beautiful when the sunlight changes its colors from bright to dark red. Tourists often come here to enjoy the beauty of nature.(Image by Dave Taylor)

Mosaic Globe - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Kata Tjuta Wonders of Australia for First Time Travelers

Sydney Harbor :

Sydney Harbor is the pride of Australia. It is the center of attraction for the tourists who travel to Australia. You can also observe Sydney opera house and Bridge as it is the home to them. You can enjoy the refreshing tea of the Opera House and walking over the great Harbor Bridge. Royal Botanical Gardens are also nearby to be visited.

Bungle Bungles :

The spot is getting the attraction of the tourists rapidly and it was built 30 years ago. The main attraction of these Bungles is the hive domes and it is situated in the Western Australia. This spot can’t be matched in the world.

Great Barrier Reef:

The beauty of this reef can only be appreciated from air and if you want to enjoy more, then go to orbit as it is very big in size. It is extended over a large distance of 26,00km which is equal to the coastline of Queensland. Cairns and Whitsunday Islands are the most common places to enjoy in Barrier Reef.(Image by Martin Pietrzak)

Mosaic Globe - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - coastline of Queensland Wonders of Australia for First Time Travelers

Giant Eucalyptus Trees:

These are also called tress of Tasmania and there are most unspoiled in Australia. You can find many plants and animals of different species. Eucalyptus Regnans is the most dramatic thing to be observed in Tasmania. You can also see world’s largest hardwood tree and flowering plant here in Tasmania.

The Great Ocean Road:

This ocean road is situated on the south coast of Victoria. The spot is really stunning. You will enjoy the sandstones which are formed on the Ocean road. Some of the erosional features of the drive in port Campbell are Lord Ard Gorge, Twelve apostles and London Bridge.

Always remember to plan your trip ahead of time to avoid inconvenience. Bring everything that you may need, fulfil all the paper work and requirements for applying the visitor visa and on top of all, enjoy your amazing stay while in Australia. Good luck!


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Feature image by : Duncan Rawlinson


  1. Hey!
    Great article on things to see in Australia.
    I would like to point out that this doesnt make sense: “visit in the country of kangaroos before you head to the beautiful Australia:”

    Australia is filled with a lot of beautiful places, each state has something special to offer. I would suggest looking at more of the west coast, east coast and southern Australia too.


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