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Posted by on Jan 15, 2018 in Travel Tips |



If you are a sports lover, then you know the pleasure of watching your favourite team play over and over again. However, if you love to travel, then you might think following your favourite sport is totally impossible. Most of the times, we relate watching sports with sitting in your room in front of your television set and spending time indoors. That is a complete no-no for travellers who want to spend their time under the open sky, explore new places and enjoy the beauty of this earth. Well with the concept of sports tourism, all of these clichéd ideas change.

Sports tourism is a fairly new concept which is getting traction more and more. It is the type of travel where people with a passion for both sports and travel get to fulfil both of those passions together. According to the very definition of sports tourism, you choose your favourite sport or favourite team and travel to different places to catch the game live. This is how you won’t have to be a couch-sloth to follow your favourite sport, yet you can be sure to not miss a game which you want to see. Travelling for sports is the best way to travel if you really are a lover of sports and outdoors. Here are the top three reasons why sports tourism is a really fun way of travelling.

You get to follow your favourite team

The most fun thing about travelling for sports is that you can decide to follow your favourite team to new destinations. As your favourite sports team travel from city to city, you will get to follow along with them and catch them live at different venues. Meanwhile, you will get to explore all those new cities full of culture and beautiful landscapes before and after the game day.

Win with your team

Another fun way to enjoy your time while you are travelling for sports is by betting on your team. There are many online apps and services which let you bet on your favourite team. William Hill is one such app which lets you place your bet on your favourite team from your mobile phone. You can visit this and download the William Hill app to bet on your favourite team from anywhere. The app covers a lot of sports starting from cricket, football to horse-racing and even E-sports. The sheer thrill of watching the game live, and win in betting as your team wins the game is an out-of-the-world experience, to say the least.

Get a chance of meeting your favourite sports stars:

As you follow your favourite team or players while you travel for sports, the chances of meeting with your favourite players or sports stars rise quite high. There are many stories where sport-travellers got to meet their favourite players at the airport as they were travelling, and in some cases, they got invited to the games by their favourite sports stars as well.

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