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Posted by on Oct 12, 2016 in Budget Travel, Travel Resources, Travel Style, Travel Tips, World Travel |

Tips for Planning an Extended Holiday

Tips for Planning an Extended Holiday

If you are in a position to do it, taking a longer holiday of a month or more can be a great experience. You can really get to know a place and have an experience almost like living there when you take an extended holiday, and you can benefit a lot from the time out from your normal life. You could make huge progress on learning a language with a period of immersion, make some new friends, and enjoy a totally different way of life for a while. However, planning a longer holiday is different from planning your usual week or two away, especially if you have a limited budget, so it is worth putting in some effort in advance to plan and research where you’ll be going.

Finding Reasonably Priced, Well Equipped Accommodation

If you are staying for a month or more, unless money is no object, you probably won’t want to stay in a hotel. Not only is this very costly for longer stays, but it also means you’ll be without the things you will undoubtedly need for your extended holiday like cooking and laundry facilities. You should therefore look for accommodation that is closer to being a home than a hotel room, such as a private apartment or villa.

What you can get and how much it will cost will depend entirely on where you are going, but you should look for suitable rentals in advance where you can rather than aiming to stay in a hotel at first and look for somewhere to rent when you are there – which may be harder than it sounds in some locations. As an example, if you are going to be staying in Thailand, there are companies like Rentals For The Holidays that can help you find a reasonably priced place to live for a month or more with facilities like a pool and gym as well as all the domestic features you’ll need.

Plan Out Food Shopping

As well as finding somewhere to live, another way in which an extended holiday usually differs from a short one is that you won’t want to eat out all the time in most cases. This means you’ll need to find out what kind of food shopping facilities are near where you’ll be staying, such as supermarkets, and what the average cost of groceries is so you can budget.



You’ll need to get around locally, and when you are staying for an extended time the usual tourist options may not meet your needs. You can look into longer term car hire if you really need a vehicle, or even consider buying a cheap second hand bike in your new location to use there, but what you’ll definitely need to do is get to grips with public transport – especially if you are staying in a city or you want to travel around and see lots of the surrounding places. Prices, times and even how public transport works vary from place to place, so use the web to find out what you can before you go so you have a plan for getting around.

Once you’ve got accommodation and transport sorted out and are comfortable buying food locally, you are all set for a great extended holiday!

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