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Top Ideas for a Luxurious Honeymoon in Greece

Top Ideas for a Luxurious Honeymoon in Greece

From the breath-taking landscapes of Santorini to the enchanting recipes of ancient Greek tradition, Greece lacks none of the essentials for an extraordinary honeymoon. It is famous among mooners for its long-winding golden beaches, crystal blue waters, and gorgeous backdrops that have awe-inspiring histories written all over them. A luxury vacation in Greece is nothing short of epic getaway in Europe.
Many of the most exhilarating locations in Greece for newlyweds are found on the Cyclades Island (the name derives from the formation of the islands, which encircle the island of Delos –a UNESCO world heritage site). The most prominent among this group of islands are Santorini and Mykonos. The following is a brief overview of these amazing locations and why they offer the most scintillating honeymoon experiences.


Renown as one of Europe’s most vibrant places for nightlife, this cosmopolitan island is home to what many consider the Cycladic most beautiful towns. Encountering intriguing maze alleys, deluxe hotels that render amazing romantic experiences, and white cubic houses spotted all over the place, mooners couldn’t ask for better. Boasting of some of the best beach bars in the world, local and international recipes, pulsating nightlife, and a UNESCO world heritage site, the island of Delos, Mykonos packs a punch for luxury vacations in Greece. It’s deluxe beach resorts give you a breathtaking view of sun-set over a refreshing glass of wine.


As part of the Cyclades island group, Sifnos is known to its beautiful sandy beaches such as Chrysopigi beach in the southeast side of the island and shallow water Vathi beach which sits in a protected cove in the southwest side of the island.  The island consists of three main whitewashed villages while the capital Apollonia. The island offers some great accommodation options such as luxurious villas which are perfect for a honeymoon holiday.


This crescent-shaped island lays its claim to fame as the most prestigious Greek island with it’s romantic scenery, which is placed against the backdrop of it’s massive sea-filled caldera that have existed for centuries. Most of the island’s hotels are modeled with the Cycladic minimal
architecture which gives priority to private terraces and infinity pools
that flow into the Aegean Sea. The sun-set on the Santorini beaches decorates the horizon with awe-inspiring shades of gold. Another outstanding feature of this premium honeymoon location is the blue domed churches and white houses that are scattered about.


Crete, the largest Greek island, abounds in beauty, golden beaches on crystal blue waters, prominent ancient landmarks and dancing landscapes. Famous for offering unparalleled access to exclusive honeymoon services such as private pools and private yacht trips, the island, especially the area of Elounda is filled with luxurious hotels and narrow romantic alleys.


Filled with heart-throbbing places for a romantic get away, Corfu is famed for it’s beauty. Among the most prestigious and photographed sections of Corfu are the Kanoni and Mouse Island. The Mouse Island, which according to Greek mythology is the ship of Ulysses that was turned into stone by the sea god poseidon, is shaped like a mouse and flushed with green and romantic scenery. Sitting in the middle of this island is the church of Pantokrator erected in the 13th century. The Corfu town also offers a unique sea view at the Old fortress, a gigantic edifice erected in the 15th century by Venetians on a peninsula in the eastern side of the city. Corfu also plays host to the most fascinating yacht harbor in the mediterranean, the Marina Guovia. You can have fancy romantic dinners in any of the area’s romantic cafeterias, where ancient traditional Greek recipes like the Melokarido, a recipe of walnuts and honey that symbolizes life’s vigor and sweetness, are obtainable.


Having no less number of wonderful spots to fascinate honeymooners, Rhodes island offers a wide array of luxurious hotels and tantalizing cuisines.  Also known as the island of the Knights, it is features the best beach resorts in world and medieval towns, all embedded in rich historical contexts.

And even if your holiday is a spontaneous one, last minute villas in Greece can be booked easily so you won’t have to miss on such special vacation. Regardless of which Greek islands or places you decide to visit on your honeymoon holiday, remember to include some special romantic activities such as romantic night cruise with fancy dinner, romantic hike in nature with nice picnic and wine, or just an amazing morning with breakfast served in bed.

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Image credits (under CCL): feature, Crete

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