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Tourist attractions in Prague

Tourist attractions in Prague

Prague informally called – “The Heart of Europe” is the capital of Czech Republic, as well as former Czechoslovakia. Throughout history, Prague was a prominent and flourishing city. Prague was also the capital of the Bohemia Kingdom. The city of Prague had too many eyes on it during the Austro – Hungarian Empire. The city of such great historical prominence has been chiseled with perfection.

In this article, we will take you on a ride to the Best Tourist Attractions in Prague

Prague Castle

The Prague Castle constructed around 970 AD is the current residence of the President of Czech Republic. The castle is considered to be the largest ancient Castle in the world. The castle has been renovated time and again to suit the modern lifestyle. The Prague Castle houses the most popular destination spots in Prague including the Powder Tower and the Golden Lane. The impressive lighting of the Castle during nights is something you should never miss.

The Astronomical Clock

Another Iconic landmark in the City of Hundred Spires is the great, 600 years old Astronomical Clock. Situated on the busiest Old Town Square, every passer-by halts for a minute to enjoy the beauty of the third oldest clock in the world. The Astronomical clock displays too much information for a human to understand in a minute with the Babylonian time, German time, Bohemian time, Phases of the moon and the Position of the sun in the Zodiac, the sunrise, and sunset.

Wenceslas Square

Apart from the Old town square which sports a traditional look, the city of Prague has got another main Square, called the Wenceslas Square. Besides being a major tourist attraction in the city, the Wenceslas Square houses a huge number of Hotels, Bars, and Clubs making it the city’s central spot for Nightlife and Entertainment. The Wenceslas Squares has got some of the city’s best tea houses. The Celebrated South American traditional beverage, the Yerba Mate tastes best around this part of the city.

Charles Bridge

This is one of the most famous bridges in Europe. Situated on the River Vltava, this bridge is the home of superstitions. The bridge is believed to be perfectly aligned with a tomb and Setting sun on the equinox for few specific reasons. It is believed that construction of the bridge was started at a specific time in order to increase the strength of the structure. Apart from offering breathtaking views over River Vltava, the bridge is also the arena for Musicians and other performance artists.

Petrin Look Tower

The Petrin lookout tower which is 63-meters high is Prague’s version of Eiffel Tower. During Construction, the 60m tall tower didn’t seem to attract a lot of attention until it was revealed that the tower would be constructed on the summit of the 318 m high Petrin Hill. You could easily climb up the steep hill with a shot of the Revitalizing Yerba Mate and enjoy the fresh air, picturesque view of the landscape.

Prague is a beautiful tourist center with a touch of history in every aspect. The city is obsessed with Symmetrical Architecture that even nature decided to split the city into two using River Vltava.

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