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Posted by on May 26, 2013 in Travel Destinations, Travel Resources, Travel South America, Travel Tips | 1 comment

Travel Safely in South America! 10 Great Tips

Travel Safely in South America! 10 Great Tips

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South America is a definite place to visit when an individual wishes to enjoy different and diverse cultures and hence also have a learning experience through the different cultures. As visiting the place may be such a good idea to most people, arriving and getting on with life safely is another matter altogether. This eventuality calls for people to be extra vigilant and in the same spirit learn all the specific modes and tips of making sure that they are safe in the area.
When in South America, the first tip about safety that people need to realize and adopt is to stay alert at all times and watch their back. Many a times, people have been robbed and duped in the big cities which are the norm in the South American states.

The second tip in making sure that you travel safely when in South America is to ensure that you are vigilant and aware of pickpockets and thieves. Visitors and tourists are normally singled out easily from the native population and this makes them easy targets for the individuals who carry out the unlawful acts. Pickpocketing has been a major thorn in the flesh of the authorities who operate in the South American states and this is majorly due to the fact that there are fake police who help in perpetuating the crimes.
Another tip to follow when traveling in South America is to ensure that you are well informed on how to handle money and how to change currency. This is because of the fact that many people have fallen victims to scams whereby the con individuals parade as agents of money exchange institutions.
Money Exchange
Being aware of those in your surrounding when waiting in a queue or in a bus or train station is another tip that people should look to cultivate in themselves. This is because unscrupulous individuals normally make their move on unsuspecting tourists by making friends and hence con them off their valuables. Another tip people need to realize is of course the aspect of having a rough idea of how the road maps. It normally helps in a big way to have a person or a relative in the area who can help with the directions. This comes into play when a person needs to take a taxi.
Another tip to concentrate on is to stay away from the slums and densely populated ares as these are the hotspot areas for crime and drug operations. Keeping calm and composed in these areas is key to staying safe. Street vendors and merchants are also highly concentrated in the South American states. They try selling jewels,beer, lotto tickets and many other items of which most are not authentic. Avoiding and knowing how to handle the individuals will ensure that you stay safe.
The most important tip revolves around being able to cope with the altitude sickness. It is quite important to identify the body response to the different altitude ranges and the weather changes. This plays an important role in ensuring that you will get to enjoy a fruitful visit in the region of South America without worries of visiting the doctor every now and then to check on the health status.
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  1. Hi Kobi,
    I enjoyed reading your post and definitely agree on the taxi post. One other recommendation i received in Mexico was to call the taxi company if I needed a taxi as opposed to catching it on the street since they tend to be more legitimate. Despite the challenges or because of them, traveling within Latin America is definitely a rush 🙂


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