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Posted by on Mar 6, 2016 in Honeymoon Holiday, Travel Style |

What Kind of Food Should You Avoid Serving at a Wedding?

What Kind of Food Should You Avoid Serving at a Wedding?

When you are doing some research to plan your wedding menu, a lot of the articles will suggest ideas for the best foods to serve at your wedding. However, what about the foods that you should absolutely not serve under any circumstances?

When you are planning your wedding at your venue, such as Carden Park near Chester, it is important to make sure the menu appeals to all of your guests. There are some foods that should never be served at a wedding – no matter what! Here are some of the non-wedding friendly foods that you should really avoid:

Food that is Too Exotic

You and your hubby might be adventurous eaters and you might love to chow down on obscure sushi dishes such as unagi (barbecued eel) and uni (sea urchin). However, your average wedding guest might be a little intimidated by this strange and unfamiliar food. It is a good idea to make sure that your menu includes items that are universally appealing to the mass majority of your guests. You can always include your favourite obscure treat as an option so that people can try it if they are feeling bold.

Food That is Served Raw

Although you might love steak tartare, which is made with raw steak and raw egg, it’s not the best dish to serve at your wedding. A raw dish might bring with it the risk of food poisoning if the chefs don’t prepare it perfectly or if your guests aren’t used to this type of food. A bout of food poisoning at your wedding is the last thing you want!

Food That Involves an Elaborate Production

It’s difficult enough organising the catering for a large group of people at your wedding venues near Chester, so don’t make it more complicated by serving a food that involves an elaborate production- such as guacamole made fresh at the table or an Asian stir-fry chopped and prepared in front of the guests. The process of putting together such complicated food items is just not practical for a wedding and will cause you a lot more hassle than its worth. Your guests are there to celebrate your marriage, not for a culinary experience.

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Messy Foods

Barbeque ribs might be delicious, but your guests don’t want to have sticky sauce-covered fingers when they are wearing their finest formal wear. Avoid overly messy foods so that your wedding guests don’t have to worry about staining their clothes or having to clean their faces after they eat.

Very Heavy and Fattening Foods

You want to avoid serving foods that are very high fat and stodgy and will make your guests feel tired and sluggish after they eat. These foods will sit like a lump in their stomach and make them feel like going to sleep, when you really want people to feel like getting up and dancing. It is better to serve foods that are filling and tasty, but not too rich and heavy.

A Menu Without a Vegetarian Option

Make sure that your menu includes an option for those who don’t eat meat – so that they can have something to eat at your special day as well. If the menu is 100% meat then your vegetarian or vegan guests will feel left out and will not be able to participate in the meal. Also, you might have some guests that are not necessarily vegetarian but would prefer the meat-free option anyway.

Food that is Very Spicy

Perhaps you and your new spouse love spicy food and you are happy to eat curries and other dishes that make your mouth burn. However, not everyone is able to handle spicy food and some people don’t enjoy eating it at all. If your wedding menu consists completely of spicy dishes you will make it so that many guests won’t be able to eat anything that you serve. Instead, offer a menu that has some mild options for those who don’t like spice.

These are some of the types of foods that you should avoid serving at your wedding. If you are still unsure about what to include on your wedding menu, talk to your caterers and ask them for suggestions – they will probably be able to suggest something that fit your tastes and the style of your wedding.

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